10 Ways to Prevent Injuries in Spring Sports

10 Ways to Prevent Injuries in Spring Sports

Friends exercisingThe spring season is an exciting time for athletes and sports fans alike. Many teams are starting to get back into practices and games, and winter sports are beginning their exciting playoff season. For individuals who don’t play competitively, the spring season is still the perfect time to get outside again and enjoying some physical activity.

Some of the most common spring sports for kids include soccer, track and field, baseball, field hockey, and lacrosse. Not all schools offer these programs, but there are lots of inner-city clubs and teams that are quickly gaining interest from young athletes across the United States.

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Protective Gear for Lacrosse Players


The sport of lacrosse has been around for a very long time, but recent interest in America has spiked in recent years. Lacrosse started to climb in popularity in 1999 and, by 2001, there were approximately 250,000 participants. By 2014, there were more than 800,000 participants across the United States, and the number only continues to grow. It has been reported that while the majority of interest has spiked in children 15 years and under, high schools and university-level programs are also gaining speed with the sport.

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Ease the Pain with an Arthritic Knee Brace

Doctor checking knee

If you feel as though you’re the only one struggling with the pains of arthritis, it’s important to know that you are certainly not alone. If you’re wondering just how many people are living with arthritis every day, the answer is a staggering 350 million people worldwide. This number doesn’t just consider adults, either; there are nearly a quarter million children living with arthritis as well. Arthritis is the USA’s number one cause of disability, and the most common type is osteoarthritis, which affects an estimated 31 million Americans.

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5 Effective Braces for CrossFit Enthusiasts

Woman doing crossfit

Embracing our physical fitness has become one of the huge trends of the last couple of years. Many people have become increasingly aware of what they’re eating and how much they’re exercising, and new forms of physical activity have made their way into gyms all around the world. Whether you’ve adopted the latest craze of Zumba, Tai Chi, or boxing, there is certainly something for everyone in the realm of physical fitness. Continue reading

6 Ways to Calm Sciatic Back Pain

Sciatic back pain varies in severity, but even the mildest of cases can be very painful and debilitating. The pain is caused by experiencing a pinched nerve in the lower back; however, the pain can course through the length of the sciatic nerves which run all the way from the buttock to the feet.

As a result of the pinched nerve, the pain that runs down the legs or leg is often more painful than the initially pinched nerve itself. The most common cause of sciatic back pain is a herniated disk, which means a disk has been torn or cracked and starting to bulge in the spinal column. Left untreated, it can cause pain from the sciatica nerves throughout a lifetime. Continue reading

Preventing Injuries During Weightlifting

Man lifting heavy weights on barbell

Weightlifting is a very common activity for many people, as it helps to increase your muscle mass, improve your flexibility, and improve your overall health. People are drawn to weightlifting for many reasons. Weightlifting is a great activity to decrease body fat percentage, increase their muscle mass, and maintain their current build. Regardless of the reason, weightlifting can be enjoyable so long as individuals perform with caution and care. Continue reading