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Depp Injured for ‘Pirates’

Oh, those Hollywood stars.  Johnny Depp joined a long list of A-list actors and actresses who often get injured on the set of a film, but on in the name of their craft, they keep quiet.  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is set to release later this month (May 20), but the media is just now learning that he seriously hurt his back while shooting one of the sequences in the movie.

When asked about it, Depp said, “I had a little bit of a physical ailment. I must have done something to my back during a stunt and ended up with this bad sciatic situation.  It was this horrible, grinding electricity going through me…  I kept shooting; there was no choice. I’d just limp on set. It was monstrous, man — so horrible that I actually started to like it! It was bad, and I had it a good three weeks to a month. But I got used to it and kind of missed it when it was gone.”

Easy for him to say.  Some of us could use a little support when we face a back-aching injury.

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10 Leading Causes of Injury

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a list of the top ten causes for nonfatal injuries within the United States.  Here is a modified version of their list:

  • Unintentional Fall (8,551,037)
  • Unintentional Struck By (4,492,287) – Indicating hits by an object or person
  • Unintentional Overexertion (3,278,300)
  • Unintentional Motor Vehicle Occupant (2,581,605)
  • Unintentional Cut/Pierce (2,072,604)
  • Assault Struck By (1,297,555)
  • Unintentional Other Specified (1,109,782)
  • Unintentional Bite/Sting (993,923)
  • Unintentional Unknown/Unspecified (806,819) – indicating injuries unrevealed

These results, citing estimates for those treated in hospital emergency departments throughout the United States in 2008, indicate a surprising gap between the first and second most common cause of injury.  Injuries that come from an unintentional fall are almost double the injuries that come from, say, being hit by a moving object.  There is no single cause for the unintentional fall, but there are, however, quite a few ways you can work to prevent this from happening to you.

First, when it comes to stairways, there should be handrails and solid banisters to ensure a momentary trip doesn’t leave a person without a handle to grab.  Additionally, those walkways should be well lit and clear of objects that could be unexpectedly stepped on or tripped over.  Second, most restaurant employees know that a spill is to be cleaned up right away so as to prevent a guest or employee injury (it’s usually part of their orientation training).  So why not uphold this same rule at home?  Wipe up any and all spills to protect both you and those you love from an accident.  Oh, and third, be careful when you climb a ladder.  We tend to think we’re invincible to ladder injuries, but you’re encouraged to look back at the statistics above.  Make sure you’re on a ladder that is sturdy, secure, and grounded.  For the average person, getting a second set of eyes at the bottom of the ladder never hurts either.

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Oh, That Bieber Fever

In November 2009, crowds of adoring fans were bunched up together at Roosevelt Field Mall to see Justin Bieber sign autographs and discuss his new album, but the event turned unruly when mothers, fathers, children and even bystanders found themselves pushing into a stampede.  The ‘dangerous’ turnout of fans led police to insist that the appearance be canceled.  As screaming tweens were being told to head home, police say that several members of the Bieber management team refused to send out a Twitter message about the cancelled appearance.  A move, they say, that would have lowered the number of injuries in retrospect.

At the time, Senior Vice President of Island Def Jam Records, James Roppo was arrested for not helping to disperse the crowd.  Then, several months later (March 24), Asher Roth and Scott Braun (managers for Bieber) turned themselves into police when faced with charges of causing a near-riot.  Apparently, Bieber had also been on the chopping block of potential charges for failing to let his fans know that the event was over.  On Saturday, however, charges were dropped against Braun when Bieber’s label agreed to pay back $8,000 that had been lost for policing crowd control that day.  Additionally, Bieber agreed to do a public service video, denouncing all forms of cyberbullying with social media.

During the stampede, five people were escorted to the hospital and one crowd-control police officer was treated for ‘minor injuries’.  Apparently, injuries need to have a cause and a person to blame.  In the case of Braun, it was what he didn’t do more than what he did that led police to charge him as a nuisance.  All this over a young, Canadian musician?  Peculiar to say the least.

If you’ve been malled (ahem… mauled) by a stampede at your local shopping center and emerge from the wreckage with a few cuts and bruises, maybe even a sprained wrist, get bandaged up with help from the Brace Shop.  Not that we expect you to get run over anytime soon, but be careful out there.  Bieber Fever is, from what we understand, still alive.

SEALS End Manhunt for Bin Laden

For more than a week, Americans and people around the world have been somewhat embattled over the proper response to the death of a most-wanted terrorist.  Polls indicate that in America, 86% of the population is more than satisfied that the operation killed an unarmed man who, as reports continue to reveal, probably could have been taken alive.  Some have shared a solemn remembrance for those that were lost in attacks so long ago.  Others have expressed their thrill over the assassination with cheers and dancing in the streets.  But set aside all the hoopla and only one thing is for sure: the Navy SEALS finally ended a 13-year manhunt for Osama Bin Laden.

The hunt for Bin Laden began in 1998 after the FBI sought him in connection with U.S. embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya that ended the lives of 200 people.  Americans, however, became much more anxious to see him ‘dead or alive’ after he claimed leadership in the September 11 attacks of 2001.  And on May 1, 2011, the Navy SEALS, rather than drone pilots dropping bombs on collateral damage, walked into a dangerous compound and wrapped up that 13-year search in just under 45 minutes.  Breathtaking to say the least.

Navy SEALS are a special operations force trained to take on missions whether they be in the SEa, in the Air, or on Land.  It is not uncommon for 80% of those who enter SEAL training to drop out.  The entire process can take up to 30 months, with many of the men not knowing if they have the stamina or endurance to make it to their first deployment.  Needless to say, the few soldiers who manage to retire as a Navy SEAL have earned a lasting title that no one can ever take away.

For this reason, the Brace Shop offers a wide selection of braces, supports, and therapy devices that can be shipped all over the world to the servicepeople who need nothing short of the best products available.  Our military discounts apply to all branches of the military, though at this moment in history, our hats go off to the brave SEALS who proudly served their country on May 1, 2011.

Rajon ‘Superhuman’ Rondo

The routine of severely injured athletes is well known to fans.  Man down.  Locker room.  Out for the season.  But try telling that to fans of the Boston Celtics who watched an inspiring miracle happen on Saturday night.  During Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs against the Miami Heat, Rajon Rondo, the star point guard for Boston, got tangled up with Dwyane Wade and came crashing to the court.  Unfortunately, his elbow was bent in the wrong direction, causing viewers to get a little nauseated.  In proper order, Kevin Garnett urgently flagged the medical team, Rondo was carried to the locker room in visible agony, and Coach Doc Rivers began thinking about how to adjust.

And then it happened.  Minutes later, Rivers was in a huddle with his players when he saw Rondo walk by him wearing an elbow brace and waiting to get back in the game.  The crowd was just as stunned as the team.  Even with a great attitude, his elbow was hurt and he’d be re-entering a playoff game with only one arm.  No way, right?  Wrong.  Not only did he come back in, but he came back in with a vengeance, scoring and stealing the ball from Miami; a team so puzzled by his presence that they lost 97-81.

Doctors were able to pop his elbow back in place, give him an elbow brace, and call it a day.  The rest was up to Rajon ‘superhuman’ Rondo.  Maybe it was him.  Maybe it was the brace

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Iraq Injuries Down in April

President Obama called for an end to the conflict in Iraq during his 2008 campaign, a promise he had made of crucial importance since arguing against the original invasion back in 2003.  But just a month before inauguration, the outgoing President Bush signed an agreement between the White House and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, ensuring that all combat troops would be out of Iraq by December 31, 2011.  The SOFA pact (Status of Forces Agreement) need only be enforced and taken seriously by President Obama.

Americans now hoping to only see the Iraq conflict in the history books after 2011 will be pleased to know that injuries were down in April.  That isn’t to say that conflicts are any less brutal or that resistance is any less powerful.  Rather, that the number of injured civilians, police officers, and soldiers was not as high this past month than in months preceding.

The Health Ministry gave specific numbers, claiming that 120 civilians had been killed during April bombings and attacks, down from 136 last March.  The wounded, they say, dropped from 215 in March to 190 in April.  97 police officers and 90 soldiers were among the count of April wounded as well.  The most recent incident came last Saturday at a checkpoint in Mosul where 8 people were killed (five soldiers included) and 19 were wounded (two soldiers included) when a suicide bomber took his own life.

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No More Kung Fu for the Panda

Kung Fu Panda might be an unfortunate nickname, but San Francisco Giants’ third baseman Pablo Sandoval has been happy to let it stick for almost three years now.  During a play in September of 2008, scored a run against the Dodgers when he jumped over the catcher to hit home.  Fans went nuts.  And so did the other players.  Kung Fu seemed appropriate.

Unfortunately, when he went up to bat last Friday night, the quick snap of his wrist forced him out to the locker room for an MRI.  Turns out, he has a broken hamate bone (the wedge-shaped, hook-like bone in the hand that stems from the wrist) and will miss 4-6 weeks at a crucial time early in the season.  Ever the optimist, Sandoval said, “It’s going to be quick. four weeks, six weeks. I just want to get better as soon as possible.  It’s not a surprise. I told them I had pain.”

The Giants are currently at the top of baseball glory, holding the reigning title of World Series champions.  Last season they owned the series four games to one.  At this point, they’ve won more games than any other team in the history of American baseball (or any other sport for that matter) dating back to 1883.  With the lowly 49ers still an embarrassment to the city of San Francisco, the Giants will need to get their Panda back into the lineup if they have any hope of keeping their contention alive.

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The Sole Cause of Running Injuries

FiveFingers has now earned a reputation for mixing up the entire shoe-buying experience.  Weird as they may look, the shoes hug each of the five toes and make runners feel as though they might be running barefoot.  Several years ago, they were hard to sell.  Today, they’re flying off the shelves like hotcakes. 

The operation began under the direction of Vibram, an Italian company credited for the original invention of rubber soled shoes.  Vitale Bramani had seen six of his friends die in the Italian Alps as far back as 1935.  He blamed it on poor footwear, thus stimulating his desire to create a more stable traction for almost any kind of surface.

With the emergence of FiveFingers, Vibram products are now moving to a different level altogether.  And like they did in 1937, they’re changing the market of shoewear.  Experts are have been crediting the surge in barefoot shoes to a 2009 book called Born to Run.  In it, author Christopher McDougall talks about an almost superhuman group of athletes from the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico.  At its heart is a story of authentic, natural, and active humans who fear little from their environment and are never afraid to run up a mountain or dart across the desert sands.  Shoes?  Who cares?  McDougall was asserting that on some level, modern footwear is the cause of most, if not all, running injuries.  That’s a pretty harsh accusation.  Whether or not McDougall is correct about his claim, the fact is, runners have already jumped on board the FiveFingers bandwagon.

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Sweet Home Alabama in Ruins

250 dead.  2,200 injured.  Alabama has become the harshest and most painful epicenter of natural disaster in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina.  Unsuspecting communities now look like landfills from a third world country.  All of this happened in a matter of 24 hours.

President Obama, who traveled to the site of wreckage and devastation in Tuscaloosa on Friday, promised federal aid to the people and the state who need it most.  Michael Sullivan, the regional coordinator for a nonprofit group working to support individuals with disabilities, was more specific about the kind of human cost this has created.  “The need right now is massive.  This tornado caused a lot of head and neck injuries. The number of disabled people in northern Mississippi just went up.”

Being far more blunt, orthopedic surgeon Brian Claytor spoke of what he saw upon arrival at the ER.  “The emergency room was just overflowing.  I was just in shock when I walked in to see the sheer volume of injured people and the severity of the injuries.”  Of course, some of those included minor cuts and lacerations or broken ankles.  But the vast majority of wounded patients were screaming in the midst of chaos, enduring severe trauma from sliced heads, limbs, chests, and abdomens as a result of flying debris the tornado threw their direction at just the wrong moment.

Right now, Alabama will need a great deal of support to find its ‘sweetness’ after such a traumatic loss.  For those with head or neck injuries, the Brace Shop does provide a Head and Neck Shop, offering braces and supports at an affordable cost.  Please contact us if you have any questions about these products.

NFL Caught in its Own Tornado

Just when you thought it might be over, NFL fans and players were dealt another judicial blow.  By last Friday, when athletes were gradually gaining the confidence to get back on their home fields to practice and work out, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis temporarily reinstated the lockout.  Arghhh!

Americans hoping to see more attention given to the tornado devastation around Alabama were stuck learning that professional football is still in limbo.  What’s worse, the legal traffic that surrounds this debacle can’t make up its mind.  Open for business or closed for business?  We simply don’t know from day to day and from week to week.  Resolve it and fans can focus on more pressing matters.  Leave it unresolved for much longer and the news will continue leading with the NFL when there are far more challenging issues to discuss in the news.

Fortunately, not everyone in the NFL has lost focus on those more important concerns.  Alabama running back, Mark Ingram, who was on the verge of being selected during last week’s NFL Draft, spoke emotionally about the families and friends from his home state.  “I send my heart and prayers out to everyone in Tuscaloosa.  It’s very devastating to me and for all of us who have played for Alabama to see those pictures. We send our condolences out to all the families.”  Later that same day, Nick Saban joined other Alabama figures on the stage for a moment of silence and a brief discussion of how to help in the aftermath.  Ingram, however, was even more touched when, of all teams, it was the New Orleans Saints who added his name to their roster as the 28th overall pick.

Within the NFL, Saints players have had to overcome the most in terms of natural disasters.  Hurricane Katrina ripped the heart out of New Orleans in 2005 and Drew Brees (who, ironically, is one of the leading voices from the players’ side of the NFL dispute) became a hometown hero, working during several offseasons to help rebuild and restore the Louisiana community.  With Ingram now behind the lead of Brees, he’ll quickly learn what it means to stand behind your biggest fans.

For those who lost so much during the tragic tornado from last week, the Brace Shop extends its deepest condolences.  Please contact us if you find that any of our products would help to support an injury caused by the disaster.