Firework Safety is Mostly About the Children

There may be no better celebration in American life than the Fourth of July. Even Governor Romney and President Obama could probably shake hands for a few minutes over a barbeque dinner on the lawn of the White House (we’ll believe it when we see it, right?). Grills come out, volleyball nets go up, and the summer is in full swing.

Perhaps what’s most unifying to Americans is the moment when fireworks are set ablaze, igniting the sky and causing us to remember that this tradition is one of the few we can actually date all the way back to the beginning, when men like Washington, Adams, and Jefferson stood together to draft and conceive a new nation.

But with the use of fireworks comes a nasty possibility of injury. In 2010, the National Fireworks Related Injury Statistics recounted some interesting and sometimes shocking data.

  • Children under age 15 account for at least 40% of the estimated injuries
  • Children and young adults under age 20 account for 53% of the estimated injuries
  • Nearly 2,000 injuries were connected with sparklers and bottle rockets, often perceived to be the safest and least dangerous fireworks for children.

In other words, firework safety is, more than anything, about the safety of our children. Usually the best fireworks of the day are from the city you live, when the community comes together to watch a carefully planned celebration by adults who have been trained to handle and manage their presentation.

From all of us at the Brace Shop, please have a very safe and happy Fourth of July.

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