2012 is Off to the Races with Daytona 500

Every year during the Super Bowl, fans get a glimpse of life after football. And those commercials say it all. The background is a collection of blue, yellow, green and white cars with a bold font that reads: DAYTONA 500. This year, they’re calling February 26 a “day like any other that will last 24 hours, but unlike most days, this one will last forever.” Well, maybe.

Daytona 500 is, most definitely, a time for finding those rare legends of the road. In the past, names like Mario Andretti, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. have hoisted the Harley J. Earl Trophy, earning iconic status as winners of the Great American Race. In 2011, another driver made history. Trevor Bayne became the youngest man to win the race, having just barely turned 20.

In 2012, 43 of the world’s best race car drivers will once again pull their cars onto the pavement of Daytona International Speedway. Daytona Beach, FL has become a haven for winter sports enthusiasts who hate the cold and like to pretend the snow never came. Fast cars, smoking engines, pretty girls and more than a few thousand hot dogs will all be found en masse on February 26. If you’re not there in person, you’ll be able to smell the grills from home.

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