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Ankle Injury for Hornet’s Star Anthony Davis

anthony-davis-ankleHornet’s rookie Anthony Davis misses his sixth straight game due to an ankle injury. Reports say that Davis may miss up to two more weeks after spraining his ankle three times in three days. Davis was the number 1 pick of the 2012 NBA draft by the New Orleans Hornets. Davis is also joined by the number 10 pick, Austin Rivers. Anthony Davis is no longer in a leg boot 2 weeks after his injury, but will continue to wear a brace and work to heal his injury as soon as possible. Davis will rest and have rehabilitation to help him recover and resume playing basketball again.

Ankle injuries are very common among basketball players and other sports as well. Ankle braces can help heal an injured ankle correctly and allow the player to resume playing again. Players may wear ankle braces or any other sports brace to keep an injured joint from getting reinjured or to increase it stability.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal-tunnelCarpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition in which the nerve tunnel becomes compressed at the wrist. The most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure on the median nerve; actions like cooking and typing are examples of this. The median nerve is a mixed nerve, which means it has a sensory function and also provides nerve signals to move your muscles. Although carpal tunnel syndrome becomes more of a risk as you age, it can affect people at most ages. Symptoms can include swelling, tingling, or even numbness.

The Brace Shop offers a wide variety of wrist braces that can help relieve some of the symptoms cause by carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist braces for carpal tunnel can support and stabilize your wrist to prevent discomfort. We offer braces that can be worn at night to prevent frequently wake up because of pain, and we also offer daytime braces that allow the use of your hand.

The Brace Shop can provide you with your doctor recommended wrist brace in our selection of high quality products. Along with wrist braces the Brace Shop also stocks a wide variety or specified braces for your entire body, such as ankle braces, back braces, elbow braces, and many more! Please visit the Brace Shop’s online store today to view their complete inventory, and learn about common injuries that a brace can help you with. If you have any questions regarding purchases our merchandising, contact our customer service center that would be more than happy to help you!

Andrew Bynum’s Bowling Injury

Dwyane Wade Foot Brace For A Foot Sprain

Andrew Bynum, the former center for the Los Angeles Lakers, is yet to set foot on the court with his new team, the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers made a big move this off-season, trading their leading scorer, Andre Iguodala, for the all-star center Andrew Bynum. When the trade was made, the Sixers expected Andrew Bynum to be healthy and ready for the opening game of their season, although this was not the case. Bynum injured his right knee during the offseason, forcing him to sit out for a good portion of the season. Now with his new injury to his left knee, Bynum may be out even longer. Injuries are part of the game of basketball, but correct healing needs to occur before a player can resume playing again. Knee braces can help heal and reduce swelling of the knee. It can also prevent any further injuries that may happen during game play.

The Brace Shop sells a variation of knee braces that are sortable based on customer feedback, quality of product, popularity, and sales volume. Whether it be a sports knee pad or an arthritis knee brace, Brace Shop’s store will have the best selection at the most affordable prices. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact Brace Shop’s customer service who would be happy to assist you!

Dwyane Wade’s Sprained Foot

Dwyane Wade Foot Brace For A Foot SprainDwyane Wade, a Miami Heat Basketball star, has had his share of injuries this year. From a knee surgery over the summer to being sick with the flu. The newest injury for Wade though is a sprained left foot that is inhibiting his ability to play basketball. The normally extremely talented player is currently fumbling around on the court desperate to not be sidelined. Before the Miami Heat versus Clippers game on Wednesday, Wade underwent an x-ray on his left foot to see just how damaged the limb was. Wade incurred this injury while playing against the Houston Rockets last Monday. The X-ray came back on Wednesday with no extended damage, and Wade decided to be in the starting lineup for the game.
Injuries in any sport are expected as being part of the game, some of the most common injuries in basketball include: Ankle Sprains, Jammed Fingers, Knee Injuries, and Foot Fractures. Because these wounds are frequently incurred there are a number of treatment options available, but your doctor should always be consulted first in order to determine the best treatment for you. You should rest the damaged area, ice it, and try to limit use as much as possible. The most common recommendation is to wear a foot or ankle brace to constrain the movement thus aiding in the healing and recuperation time.
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Broken Collarbone Brace

Shoulder Brace To Help Heal A Broken CollarboneA clavicle fracture is common in both children and adults, but typically occurs more frequently in those under age 25 due to the clavicle not completely developing until your late teens. Your clavicle, or collarbone, is located between your rib cage and your shoulder blade. Babies during birth often experience a broken collarbone, but in older persons, it can follow a direct blow to the shoulder, a car collision, or falling on to an outstretched arm. A serious injury to acquire, there are many treatment options available and a full recovery is usually anticipated.
Some of the signs that you might have a broken collarbone include: pain in your shoulder, difficulty moving your shoulder, and swelling or bruising around the broken bone. A doctor’s consultation should always be sought out when you are experiencing any abnormalities in your body. Occasionally, if the broken collarbone is more severely damaged, you could be recommended surgery but this is rare. The most common treatment you might be presented with is excessive rest for the injured extremity. Generally it takes about 12 weeks for your broken collarbone to completely heal, but pain should subside within only a few weeks. In addition to resting, a shoulder brace is also strongly suggested if not required for the clavicle to heal correctly.
The Brace Shop provides a number of shoulder braces that are manufactured specifically to aid in the healing of a broken collarbone. One of the most common braces the Brace Shop sells by doctor recommendation is an Ossur Figure 8 Clavicle Splint. You can also find many other styles and varieties of braces available in the Brace Shops large online store. If you have any questions or comments you can contact our customer service who would be happy to assist you!

Affordable Braces

Medical bills can add up fast and being able to receive the appropriate care can often feel daunting when you see the prices of what your available options are. Not everyone has medical insurance, and even if they do, the insurance probably will not cover the full amount of your procedures. Unfortunately, this causes many people to opt out of the doctor recommended treatments, and the person remains in continued suffering. There are discounted or even free insurances available such as government funded choices, but many times a person might be just beyond the qualifications.



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