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Rajon Rondo Torn ACL

Rajon Rondo Torn ACL

Rajon Rondo Torn ACLThe Boston Celtics starting point guard Rajon Rondo Torn ACL in his right knee will force him to miss the remainder of the season. The first report told that Rondo had a hyperextended knee, and the tests showed the ACL tear that usually takes up to a year to an athlete to recover. The Celtics announced Rondo’s injury during Sunday’s 100-98 victory against the Miami Heat last night, stating that Rondo will be undergoing surgery. Rondo was chosen as the starting point guard for the Eastern Conference in the NBA All-Star Game, which will take place in Houston on Feb. 17.

ACL injuries can be career ending if not addressed immediately.  The ACL is a ligament in the center of the knee joint.  It is one of 4 main ligaments that make up the architecture of the knee.  The PCL is the opposite of the ACL, where the medial and lateral collateral ligaments are located on either side of the knee.  Women are more likely to suffer an ACL tear. Certain sports like basketball and football are know to have an increase risk of ACL tears.  In many cases when an athlete tears his or her ACL, it is not the only injury.  The collateral ligaments are also torn as there usually is some twisting knee movement associated with the hyperextension of the knee.

If surgery is not necessary, rest and immobilization are the best forms of treatment.  Your doctor may have you non-weightbearing with crutches and a knee immobilizer or post-op knee brace.  Physical therapy will follow to restore muscle strength and tone as well as flexibility.

If surgery is necessary, it is followed by similar protocols such as immobilization with a post-op knee brace followed by physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Your doctor can determine the best treatment options for your torn ACL.  In Rajon Rondo Torn ACL, surgery was performed followed by intense physical therapy.

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Pediatric Wrist Braces

Pediatric Wrist Braces

Pediatric Wrist Braces are just as important for youth and children as they are for adults. A sprained wrist in children is a relatively common injury to those involved in sports, but also in simple activities such as riding a bike or tripping while running. In some instances it is more important because of the growth plates in the hand, wrist and forearm.  Damage to these growth plates can have serious lifelong consequences so it is important to identify wrist injuries that may not appear to severe initially, but can be more severe when x-rays are taken.

Immediately following an injury, ice should be applied to the injured wrist to reduce and prevent further swelling. If the pain is severe or the inflammation persists, medical attention should be sought immediately to ensure no bones have been broken or fractures occurred.Pediatric Wrist Braces According to the national Center for Biotechnology the incidence of wrist injuries in pediatric patients has increased over the last 40 years and children participate in more sports and activities at a younger age.  fractures to the wrist bones, fingers, distal radius and humerus are common in children’s sports, especially sports like football, soccer and other competitive and high impact activities.

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Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains

Ankle SprainsAnkle Sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports, especially among people who take part in high impact or high contact types of activities. Ankle sprains can be a minor injury and inconvenience or it can be very severe, requiring immediate medical attention.  If left untreated, it can re-occur over and over again if the correct steps aren’t taken to help it heal. Inversion ankle sprains and the most common type of ankle injury as seen on the image.  Ankle Sprains can occur when you step off the curb the wrong way, or when stepping on another athletes foot when playing basketball.  When you sprain your ankle you are actually tearing one of three ligaments that are found on the outside of the ankle.

The eversion sprain occurs when the inner ligament or deltoid ligament is torn.  This occurs very infrequently.  A typical mild ankle sprain usually involves one of the three ligaments on the outside of the ankle.  If all three are involved, that can cause severe instability of the ankle joint and requires immediate medical attention.  These types of ankle sprains occur in car accidents or falls from a great height.

Treatment of acute ankle sprains involve ice, rest, compression and elevation to control swelling and pain.  A walking boot may be necessary to immobilize the foot and ankle and allow the ligaments to heal. Compression ankle braces and ankle supports are ideal for situations that just require control of mild swelling and pain.  More severe instability require lace up type ankle braces, stirrup or hinged stirrup ankle braces.  Ankle braces can help heal and stabilize a sprained ankle.

Most people have a twisted ankle at some point in their life, but if the ankle gets swollen and painful after you twist it, you have most likely sprained it. It’s important to immediately ice the damaged ankle when any abnormal pain occurs in order to reduce swelling and pain. A doctor should be consulted if the discomfort continues to attain a diagnosis and treatment.

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Chris Paul Knee Injury

Chris Paul Knee Injury

Chris Paul Knee InjuryChris Paul, the starting point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers, has been sitting some games out recently due to a right knee injury.

Chris Paul Knee Injury has been documented when he played for the new Orleas Hornets.  At that time he underwent an arthroscopic knee surgery to repair his meniscus. Although having their all-star point guard missing multiple games, the Clippers are currently 32-11 and are in good shape sitting at third in the western conference.

Paul attempted to come off the bench for two games but only aggravated his knee. He will be questionable for tonight’s game.

Arthroscopic surgery is a common surgery where a camera and very small instruments are used instead of opening up the entire joint.  Arthroscopic surgery is beneficial than traditional surgery as it reduces trauma to the knee and surround tissue thereby increasing recovery and rehabilitation time.  There are approximately 4 million arthroscopic surgeries in the USA each year.

The surgeon can view the surgery he or she is performing by looking at a video screen in the operating room.  The surgeon can cut and repair tissue with instruments on one side, while viewing the procedure through the camera located in another incision.

Common procedures performed utilizing arthroscopic surgery include meniscus repair, which Chris Paul Knee Injury was.  The procedure is performed with various methods of anesthesia.  It is up to the treating doctor and anesthesiologist to determine the anesthesia based on health and age factors.

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Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff tears are a common shoulder injury causing pain and disability among athletes both young and old. The shoulder is made up of 3 bones.  The humerus or upper arm, the scapula or shoulder blade and the clavicle or collarbone. The shoulder is held together by a ligaments, tendons and muscles that allow the shoulder to rotate.

The rotator cuff is made up of 4 muscles that come together as tendons that encircle the head of the humerus. When any of the rotator cuff tendons is torn, the tendon no longer fully attaches to the head of the humerus. Rotator Cuff TearsThis can occur in an acute injury or fall, but also can be due to medical conditions (arthritis and diabetes) or old age.

The symptoms of a rotator cuff injury include muscle spasms around the shoulder area, pain and restricted movement around the shoulder joint. Treatment for rotator cuff injuries depends on the severity of the injury.  Mild injuries require rest and anti inflammatory medication, while more severe types require surgical repair.

Following surgery, immobilization can be achieved with a shoulder brace immobilizer.  These immobilizers can hold the shoulder and arm in a specific angle to allow the shoulder to heal properly.  Shoulder slings are also available to prevent further injury and to protect the shoulder from re-injury.

The most common tears occur in the supraspinatus muscle and tendon, but other parts of the rotator cuff can also be involved. If you have a rotator cuff tear and you keep using it despite the increased pain, you may cause further damage, and in most cases, a rotator cuff tear will only get worse over time.

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Runners Knee

Runners Knee

Runners knee or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrom(PFPS) is a condition that usually causes aching pain around the kneecap and below it, usually due to poor conditioning of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles or poor shoegear. Just as name says, runner’s knee is a common injury among runners, but it can also affect any athlete who may do a lot of knee bending. Runners KneePain behind and around the kneecap, where the thighbone and the kneecap meet or pain when you bend the knee may suggest you have runner’s knee. Common causes of runner’s knee include:

  • Overuse: Repeated bending and overstretched tendons can cause runner’s knee.
  • Knee Trauma: A fall or blow to the knee.
  • Weak Thigh Muscles

Treatment for Runners Knee involves rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, ice, heat and compression. If the condition is as a result of a biomechanical problem in the leg or feet, that has to be address to insure the Runners Knee does not reoccur. Changes in shoe gear, orthotics to control pronation are some ways to treat the biomechanical aspects of Runners Knee.

Other situations that cause Runners Knee involve the size and shape of the knee cap. The size of the femoral groove that the kneecap glides in may be too shallow for the kneecap, causing the patella to move outside of the groove. Muscle imbalances with the quadriceps causes a tracking problem with the quadriceps tendon and the patella tendon.

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Anze Kopitar Knee Injury

Anze Kopitar Knee Injury

Anze Kopitar Knee InjuryAnze Kopitar Knee Injury continues to be in the hockey headlines. The National Hockey League is finally back in training camp after a recent lockout that put the season on delay. The season opening games are set for this coming weekend, but the defending champion Los Angeles Kings’ leading scorer may have to sit on the bench for the first few games. Anze Kopitar injured his right knee in a collision while playing for Mora IK in Sweden. Kopitar himself said he feels fine to play, but the Kings coaching staff will have to make the final decision come game time.

At the time of this blog, the exact cause of Anze Kopitar Knee Injury is unknown.  Kopitar’s agent insists that the injury is not severe and he should be back to normal in a week or two.  Anze Kopitar has played with Los Angeles when they won the Stanley Cup in 2012.

It is important for amateur hockey players to seek medical attention if a knee pain or swelling does not go away after a couple of days.  More serious damage can occur if you continue to play on an injured knee.  Hockey places an extraordinary amount of pressure on the lower extremities and in particular the knees.  Speed and balance are necessary in hockey and an injured knee will affect both.  Meniscus and collateral ligament injuries are common in hockey due to the high impact and high contact nature of the sport.

There are many hockey players wearing knee braces when they play.  They are worn under their hockey gear, so you do not see the knee braces.  Check with your coach or trainer if you have knee pain when playing hockey.

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Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow

Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow

Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow, is a painful condition caused by overuse of the elbow. Tennis is not the only sport that can cause this condition, Tennis elbow occurs when the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow become swollen and inflamed and the forearm muscles and tendons become damaged from overuse. This usually leads to pain and swelling of the elbow. Although athletes are the most common to getting tennis elbow, many people with Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow participate in work or activities that require excessive use of the forearm muscle. Vocational activities such as painters, carpenters and plumbers are prone to develop Lateral Epicondylitis.Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow

The tendon that is usually involved in Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow is the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis or ECRB. This tendon extends to the wrist and helps stabilize the wrist, so it seems obvious that repetitive wrist and elbow movements would aggravate this tenon.

Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow consists of rest, ice NSAIDS and compression to help reduce the pain and swelling. Elbow braces are ideal conservative treatments for Lateral Epicondylitis as it produces pressure on the tendon to keep it from vibrating and bow stringing off the bone, and reducing the pull against its insertion.

Elbow injuries, or any other joint injury, can force you to take time off from playing. The worst thing you can do to any kind of injury is neglect it. An elbow injury like Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow may take a while to heal, so to ensure it heals correctly and prevent further damage an elbow brace is strongly recommended. The Brace Shop provides all kind of braces, for all kinds of injuries. No one can beat their prices, value, or service. The Brace Shop even supplies hospitals, sports teams, schools, nursing home, and doctors. Shop Where The Pros Go!

Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury was just one of the problems the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling with this season. Their starting center Dwight Howard was out due to a shoulder injury could hurt them even more. The Lakers acquired Dwight Howard in a 3 team deal last year. Along with Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol, the some say Lakers should be in the top ranks this season, although they are currently quite the opposite. The last thing the Lakers needed was another injury, but all they can do is hope their All-Star center is healthy as soon as possible.Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

A torn labrum involves the socket of the shoulder.  The glenoid is part of the scapula, and the labrum is the soft tissue that makes up the rim of the socket.  The labrum makes the glenoid socket deeper for the arm bone to fit into.  The rotator cuff covers this area of the shoulder, so many times, the two injuries can occur together.

Treatment for a torn labrum usually involves arthroscopic surgery to repair and remove the affected area. Some cases can resolve with conservative treatment, physical therapy and extensive rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder. Your doctor will evaluation your shoulder, perform tests such ans MRI and CAT scan before determining if surgery is necessary.

Certain shoulder braces and shoulder slings are used both for conservative treatment and post surgery applications.  Some shoulder braces hold your shoulder and arm in a particular angle to maximize healing.
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Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is a condition cause by the inflammation of the large tendon in the back of the ankle, which is known as the Achilles Tendon. The most common cause of Achilles Tendonitis is during sporting activities. When you overuse the Achilles tendon, it can become inflamed which in turn cause swelling and pain. Other un-common causes of Achilles tendonitis can be changes in shoes, exercise routines, or even people who run long distances or up hills.

Achilles Tendonitis can result in an Achilles Tendon rupture if left untreated. When the Achilles Tendon ruptures, there is usually a loud snap or pop that people around you can here.  This is a serious orthopedic condition that requires immediate treatment and possible surgery to reattach the tendon.  There is also a long rehabilitation for Achilles Tendon ruptures, sometimes approaching 1 year.

The best way to avoid Achilles Tenon rupture is proper conditioning, stretching and protection.  Stretching the hamstrings and Achilles Tendon is the best approach to reducing the chances of rupturing the Achilles Tendon.

Achilles Tendonitis

Aircast Walking Boot for Achilles Tendonitis

Conservative treatment for Achilles Tendonitis involves ice to the tendon, with rest and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain and swelling. Immobilization with a walking boot (like the AirCast XP walker shown) is recommended by some doctors both non weight bearing and weight bearing depending on the severity of the Achilles Tendonitis.

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