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Are Back Braces Effective in Preventing Injury?

Are Back Braces Effective in Preventing Injury?

Are Back Braces Effective in Preventing Injury?Are Back Braces Effective in Preventing Injury?

There is considerable debate amongst the medical profession over “Are back braces effective in preventing injury?”

Below you will see evidence which support the claim that back braces are in fact effective at treating back pain. Also explained is how back braces provide support and the different options available. You will also find out some of the problems with using a back brace and how these can be avoided.

 How back braces reduce back pain and increase functionality

The reason that people have back pain is because of pressure on the spinal nerves. A back brace helps you to maintain proper posture and consequently avoid this pressure from occurring. There are many different types of back braces including narrow braces which are suitable for people who need to bend or twist frequently and braces which are taller in the back and provide greater support but more limited movement.

Studies support the use of back braces

One of the biggest studies conducted into the use of back braces supports the conclusion that they are in fact effective in relieving back pain. A 2009 study looked at the effectiveness of an elastic lumbar belt to help treat and assist patients with acute lower back pain. The study which involved 197 participants looked at the effects on lifting capacity, back pain experienced and medical treatment costs.

The study split the participants into two groups, one with back support and the other without. The study lasted 90 days and produced some very interesting findings for back pain sufferers. In the group which used the lumbar belt patients improved 42 points on the pain scale. In addition 61% of belt patients used no additional form of medication compared to 40% of those with no back support.

Common problems encountered when wearing a back brace

While back braces can be an excellent way on minimizing back pain they do have their disadvantages. The most common of these is the over use by the back brace can lead to the muscles in the back weakening. A back brace should be a supplement to receiving proper back care and not a replacement for it. It is also important not to use your back brace as a means of lifting items that you otherwise wouldn’t normally lift.

Another complaint that some users of back braces have is that the back brace actually increases the pain that they experience. If this occurs for you then a back brace is not a suitable solution and your back pain will need to be addressed through other methods.

The long term effects of using back braces

In a perfect world patients would be able to avoid the type of heavy lifting that may be contributing to their back pain but in reality this is often not possible. For people such as farmers or warehouse workers, being able to lift objects comfortably is essential for them to earn a living.

While there are some concerns about long term use and over reliance on back braces, most patients do not enjoy wearing a back brace and will discontinue its use once it is no longer necessary. If you are looking for the largest selection of quality back braces online, visit us as Brace Shop.

Choosing an Ankle Brace

Choosing an Ankle Brace

Choosing an Ankle BraceWhen choosing an ankle brace, it is important to understand the type of ankle injury and severity of your ankle injury. Ankle braces are designed to help in restoring mobility and giving post injury support in the ankle area while maintaining a full range of physical activity.

It is used for either medical or athletic needs. The products that are geared toward medical markets seek to prevent pain, further injury as well as help patients heals quickly and comfortably while recuperating.

On the other hand, athletic ankle braces can be of two choices – lace up or rigid brace supports. The former stabilizes the ankle area and helps prevent injury while at play.

These types of braces have inside parts that laced up like a shoelace. On the outer portion, a stirrup strap that is wrapped around like a figure of six can be found for added support. They cost from $30 to $40 and are available in most sporting goods stores. The rigid brace gives the highest level of preventive support, and assist in the faster rehabilitation of injury. The prices range from $40 to $50 depending on choice and support needs.

Ankle Sprain and Medical Intervention

An ankle sprain is encountered when there is injury to the ligaments. When injury of this nature occurs, there would visibly be injuries to the muscle and tendon area too or otherwise known as muscle strain. . There are three types of muscle sprain:

1. First Degree Sprain – happens when the ligaments are overstretched past its limits but is not torn. Symptoms include: mild pain, some swelling, joint stiffness or difficulty in walking and stretching. Normal activities can be engaged in one or two weeks.

2. Second Degree Sprain – most common type of ankle pains that include partial tearing of the ligament with mild to moderate swelling and stiffness in the ankle area. Symptoms are: instability of the joints, swelling and stiffness in the affected area, difficulty in mobility, and moderate to severe pain. Normal activity can return after two weeks or a month after the injury.

3. Third Degree Sprain – this type of injury requires immediate medical attention where there is a total rupture of the ligaments. This situation can result in a chronic situation if not repaired or healed properly. The symptoms are: severe pain then followed by no pain, instability in the joint area, and severe swelling. Healing can last from three (3) months to one (1) year depending on the severity of the injury.

What Type of Ankle Brace Is Required

1. For First Degree Sprain – it would be well advised to use lightweight support braces. These types of braces give support and warmth to the affected area. They are made of elastic materials that can be stretched to provide ample support to the ankle joint. Many mild support ankle joints have metals that are sewn into the fabric to stabilize both sides of the ankle. These are mostly used for non contact sports, cheer and dance activities, and for daily walking.

2. For Second Degree Sprain – moderate ankle support braces are designed to help overused ankle injuries or ankle rollovers. For those playing high contact sports, it is well advised that this type of support be used, especially those who may have suffered ankle injuries in the past. This type of support also helps stabilize the injured ankle to enable the patient to walk.

3. For Third Degree Sprain – for those who experienced a severe ankle sprain, maximum braces will have to be used to help in the healing process. These types of braces are also used by athletes – example, ankle braces for soccer, who are into high contact sports to prevent first time injury or the re-occurrence of injury. These braces provide more protection than regular ankle braces and are ideal for healing injured ligaments and tendons. The used of these supports also help enable the patient to walk and move around while being healed.You can find a wide array of braces to meet all of your needs at

How to Choose the Right Back Brace

How to Choose the Right Back Brace

How to Choose the Right Back Brace
How to Choose the Right Back Brace. With hundreds of back braces online, the choices can be difficult and frustrating. Back braces for posture control are very popular at The Brace Shop.

Poor posture can lead to various problems including neck pain, leg pain and chronic backache. Generally, posture correction is considered to be the best method to get rid of body ache problems. If you want to correct your posture one of the best ways to do so is by using posture brace. Back braces are most commonly used by people to help correct their posture. Together with improving posture, these braces also prevent one from walking or sitting with forward rounded shoulders, and thus preventing backache. Braces for back generally have belts that you need to wrap around your shoulder and then tighten them at the backside so that your shoulders are pulled back. The belts need to be adjusted till your shoulders are in the right position, in line with your back and ear.

How to choose the right braces

Using a back posture brace applies pressure on your middle back and your midsection is forced to move forward and outwards, thus giving you the right posture. Though there are various kinds of support braces for the back that helps improve posture, it is important that you get yourself the right one.

While shopping for a back brace you need to consider your back issues. This will helps you decide if you need an upper brace or a lower brace. Different braces are available that target different parts of your back. If you suffer from pain in your shoulders and upper back, you perhaps will need shoulder braces. Braces for the lower back and mid-section are also available. If you are suffering from pain in your spine, then you need to get a brace that gives stiffer support along your spinal cord.

Comfort and support features

You need to look for back support braces that give stiff support and are firm. Though, during the first few days you might find them very uncomfortable, but they definitely are better than the softer ones that might not be firm enough, and will thus not prove much helpful in attaining the right posture. Make sure that the straps of the braces are made of high quality material, and are soft enough so that they do not result in marks and rashes when you try to adjust them to ensure a proper fit. It is immensely important that your back posture braces have adjustable straps so that it fits properly on the problem area. Most braces have foam padding that makes sure you stay comfortable even if you use it for long hours.

Good quality is very important

Make sure you go through a number of options before deciding on one. You just cannot compromise on quality while getting yourself back braces, as these will serve as aids supporting your back to give you the right posture and thus get rid of many body ailments. Just because a good brand brace for your back might cost you a little more, do not sacrifice it for the cheaper ones that will possibly lose its firmness just after few days

All You Need to Know About Knee Braces

All You Need to Know About Knee Braces

This article should tell you all you need to know about knee braces.

Braces used for the knee are supports worn on an injured or painful knee. A good number of people engaged in sports use them to prevent knee injuries while working out. They are availed in various designs with most constructed using a combination of flexible and rigid materials, metal or plastic for support and basic structure and mouldable foam or synthetic rubber for positioning and padding. Generally, braces are made from straps, elastic material, plastic, foam and metal combinations.

They also come in many designs, colors and sizes.

Kinds of braces for the knee


These are types of braces designed for the protection of the knees from certain injuries emanating from contact sports such as football.

Functional braces

They are used on those already injured to give the knees some support.

Rehabilitative braces

Using these limits injurious knee movement as a knee heals after surgery or injury.

Offloader/unloader braces

Individuals with knee arthritis can use these for the much needed relief.

Are braces effective?

Many of the knee braces in the market claim to work well. Unloader, rehabilitative and functional braces are considered the most effective as much as the others also work. Certain braces help people a lot more than other types. Some people are always skeptical of using braces for their knees fearing that they could increase knee injuries during sports. In general, those using knee braces have claimed they help a lot. The type you want to use should be selected and ascertained by your personal physician.

When should you consider using a knee brace?

If you have mild pain while playing tennis, basketball or after slightly uncomfortable motions it is a good time to consider using soft sleeve braces. Remember different knee issues require specific braces for your knee. After knee surgery, a doctor might select a specific type while other doctors might select another kind for support rather than recommend surgery in case of a damaged knee ligament. Pain on the front part of the knee that has refused to improve even after flexibility and strengthening exercises does require a knee brace. If the brace you are using seems not to work to improve or stop the injury to the knee, get advice from your physician for a better brace.

How do you access braces?

You can access them through medical supply stores or pharmacies where simple
supports and knee sleeves are usually stocked.  The doctor is also a good resource of the many distinct braces you might be looking for. The doctor helps you select the brace that correctly meets your size.

How to use a knee brace

Knee brace is used as directed by the manufacturer and your doctor. While putting it on, ensure the hinges are on the part the knee bends. Tapes and straps must be fastened around the leg. As you engage in sports, check the brace placement to ensure it has not moved. Braces positioned poorly could hurt and won’t help you.

Using Wrist Braces Can Help

Using Wrist Braces Can Help

Wrist pain or wrist injury is not quiet common, unless you are someone who is into extreme sports and training activities. Wrist pain or injury is often caused by repetitive stress or a hard fall. Using Wrist Braces Can Help.
Why Using Wrist Braces Can Help
But, sometimes wrist pain is also an indication of some diseases caused by inflammation or degeneration of joints, muscles and ligaments.

These conditions are often characterized by mild to severe pain, chronic and stabbing pain, swelling, and limited wrist mobility. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then you might as well consider using a wrist support brace.

With a wrist brace, your problem will surely be addressed and the best part is that, you can also take advantage of its many other benefits, all at the same time. Let us take a closer look.

Benefits Of Wrist Braces

Wrist braces can be used for a large number of conditions and injuries involving the wrist.
Braces ensure wrist stability which can help alleviate pain caused by wrist injuries and other condition and promote quick recovery and healing.
They promote healing of damaged ligaments and tendons, muscles, bones and joints.
Braces will also protect you from hurting your wrist even more. Just make sure that the brace that you are going to wear in your wrist is comfortable enough so it will not hurt and you will not be enduring the pain for a long time. It must fit your size perfectly and it must be made from high quality materials such as moisture – wicking lightweight fabric or a breathable elastic strap. This will ensure that you will not develop skin blisters after using the brace and you will not find wearing it itchy and less – comfy.
If you have a cast and it will soon be removed, a brace will offer support and will keep the wrist area stable so that it will heal better and faster. They can also enhance the functionality of the joints in your wrist. An injured wrist that’s perfectly healed will perform its functions well enough than if it is not thoroughly healed.
Wrist braces are great for those who have wrist sprain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and other painful conditions that affect the wrist area. Lastly, they can protect the wrist area from being strained especially at night when you are asleep and you don’t have a control over your actions.

However, to ensure that you will be enjoying all these benefits of wrist braces, you have to make sure that the brace that you will be choosing and you will be purchasing will be able to provide the level of support that your wrist injury requires in order to heal and recover. You can do this by choosing the appropriate brace that can support your needs from among the different types of wrist braces that offer different levels of support. This will further ensure that you will recover fast and easy because you are provided with the right level of support that you need. At The Brace Shop, you can choose from a wide selection of Wrist Braces.