Knee Injury Repeat for Jason Hammel

Jason HammelThe starting pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, Jason Hammel, might have to miss a start after re-injuring his right knee recently. Back in July of 2012, Hammel underwent a successful arthroscopic surgery on his injured right knee. An MRI performed earlier this month after the accident came back negative for any structural damage, but Hammel will still be sitting out at least one game due to the pain and swelling preventing him from moving freely. Re-injuring a knee can cause life time damage, which means Hammel will need to rest and strengthen his knee extensively before returning to the field. Experts are optimistic about Hammel’s recovery though, and he is expected to return to start towards the end of September.

In baseball, joint injuries are very common.  Considering a knee brace at even the slightest pain is important to help strengthen and support the injured joint and prevent further damage. Baseball is a contact sport and engages every muscle in your body, from your ankles, to knees, and even wrists. Many younger kids are participating in competitive baseball nowadays, and an injury at such a young age can be especially critical to deal with immediately and correctly. Regardless of if you are in the MLB like Jason Hammel, or simply playing recreational sports, knee braces are used to help any athlete overcome injuries and continue playing in the game!

It is highly likely that if you play a sport you will eventually be injured no matter how many preventative measures are taken. Now that it’s football, baseball, and basketball season, players will be experiencing various injuries, but a sport brace will help give them a chance to recover and prevent from reinjuring. The Brace Shop provides athletes with not only knee braces, but also neck, shoulder, and ankle braces providing the best quality for value. The Brace Shop supplies braces to hospitals, therapists, sports teams, schools, doctors, nursing homes & military bases around the world. Shop Where The Pros Go! Shop the Brace Shop!

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