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AFO Drop Foot Braces

AFO Drop Foot Braces

AFO Drop Foot BracesOne of the most popular and asked about braces sold at The Brace Shop are AFO Ankle Braces.

AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis. These types of orthotic devices come in various configurations, materials and sizes to fit most individuals, both adult and child.

There have been many changes in these devices over the years, primarily with the introduction of carbon fiber. Many off the shelf AFO’s are made of thermoplastic material which are static in nature. They are designed to maintain the foot and ankle at a 90 degree angle and prevent the foot from dropping down.

The thermoplastic ankle foot orthosis are relatively inexpensive and perform as they were intended to. Carbon fiber on the other hand are referred to as dynamic AFO’s. They have the functional capacity to retain energy. This allows the patient who wears the device more motion during gait as there is a “spring like” effect when the patient walks forward, allowing a more natural gait.

The carbon fiber material is similar to what is currently used on many knee prosthetics for amputees. It is durable, lightweight and responds to forces placed on it. This makes an excellent material to use for patients already suffering from weakness in the leg/ankle and foot due to neurological or musculoskeletal diseases and disorders.

Another problem exhibited by patients with foot drop is contractures of the leg muscles which cause further disruption of gait and difficulty ambulating due to plantarflexion of the foot.

Many patients with drop foot also benefit from night splints or podus boots that maintain the leg/ankle and foot at 90 degrees during sleep.

The The Brace Shopoffers one of the largest selections of AFO Drop Foot Braces from some of the leading manufacturers in the world. It is recommended that you consult with your treating physician, therapy or healthcare professional before purchasing an AFO, especially a carbon fiber AFO. The devices often need adjustments, molding and filing down to fit into orthopedic shoes and adjust for muscle atrophy and boney protrusions. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning AFO Drop Foot Braces.

Stay Safe During Memorial Day

memorial day

Stay Safe During Memorial Day

As we remember those who have fought and died for our country this memorial day weekend, The Brace Shop and its entire staff wants to remind everyone to stay safe during Memorial Day and this Memorial holiday.

It is a sad statistic according to the national Safety Council that during this holiday there will be almost 400 traffic fatalities and another 46,000 medically consulted injuries just from motor vehicle collisions. The Memorial holiday weekend can be a great time for family and friends to get together for a barbeque, shopping or other activities. Dealing with death and injury instead of celebrating and honoring our fallen is a tragedy.

Many of these fatalities can be prevented by very simple rules and messages that flood the airwaves every day for countless years. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore them and feel they are immune to these rules. Please don’t text or use your phone while driving. Wear a seat belt when driving, and have your passengers wear one as well. Don’t speed!

Better to get to you destination safe than sorry. Be aware of your surroundings. There are many people on the road so try to be courteous. Honor the men and women who have died for your freedoms, and express those freedoms by being a good person not only during this holiday, but every day.

Sometimes bad news seems everywhere. People taking advantage of our precious senior citizens, robberies, murder, rape, and the list goes on.

It seems that we live in a society that feeds on despair. It would be nice to have one day to reflect on how lucky we are and what we have to be thankful

Those men and women of our armed forces died for your freedoms, so don’t take advantage of their sacrifice by taking advantage of others.

The Brace Shop is not just an online orthopedic business. We are proud to service our Veteran Hospitals, military bases and servicemen and servicewomen all over the world.

We hope that during this Memorial Weekend, you share the same feelings and prayers that go out to the families who have lost loved ones in battle or are suffering from injuries suffered in battle.

The world is getting smaller everyday. Let us use Memorial Day to give thanks to those that cannot celebrate with us.

DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace

DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace

DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace

The DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace is a new variation of the popular DonJoy Reaction knee brace that encompasses a mild off load of the medial or lateral compartment of a knee joint with unicompartmental osteoarthritis.

The knee brace is an alternative to a metal or carbon fiber “unloader” type knee support, but is more than lower cost fabric type braces that are sometimes referred to as an arthritis knee brace.

The Basic Reaction Knee Brace claim is that the design and elastomeric web material provides shock absorption and disperses energy, while shifting pain away from the knee. The Reaction Web Knee Brace was developed by Dr. William Nordt, an orthopedic surgeon.

The DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace has a hinge on one side with a soft silicone condyle pad under the brace to ensure comfort along the medial or lateral aspect of the knee joint. The knee brace is very low-profile and can be worn under most clothing, making it a great alternative to more bulky arthritis knee braces.

The DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace is not for everyone. The brace only provides a mild unloading effect, so if more rigidity is needed and a larger degree of unloading is needed, you must utilize a metal or carbon fiber unloader type knee brace, that provides knee joint stability and unloading of the medial or lateral knee compartments. For these types of situations the DonJoy OA Nano Arthritis Knee Brace or the new OA Ajuster 3 can fulfill those requirements.

The DonJoy OA Reaction Knee Brace is comfortable to wear for long periods of time during the day. The price is very reasonable for a hinged arthritis knee brace and does include an undersleeve which helps with keeping the brace in place on the knee and provides additional comfort and compression.
The brace is ideal for sports such as tennis, golf and running.

The DonJoy Shop  The Brace Shop carries a full line of DonJoy Arthritis Knee Braces for most every situation and condition, including the new DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace. Shop where the Pro’s Go!

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitisPlantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia or plantar aponeurosis. The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band of tissue that extends from the heel bone to the toes. The purpose of this tissue is to help support your arch and as a shock absorber or spring board when you walk or run.

The Plantar Fascia is made up of 3 specific areas. The medial or inner, the lateral or outer, and the larger central portion. Most of the injuries and symptoms are associated with the central plantar fascia.

Typically the injury to the plantar fascia occurs as it inserts into the bottom or plantar aspect of the heel bone. Symptoms can be very acute as in a tear, or can be gradual without you having any symptoms. The causes of plantar fasciitis are many. Many cases involve a biomechanical etiology, such as flat feet, limb length discrepancy, poor shoe gear or excessive activity. Medical conditions such as obesity and diabetes increase the risk of developing plantar fasciitis.

Symptoms usually occur in the morning when you get out of bed, or after prolonged sitting. This is because of a tightening of the inflamed tissue and sudden stretching when standing. The symptoms usually improve after several minutes but reoccur after prolonged resting. In more severe cases the pain is chronic and occurs with or without weightbearing. Patients cannot stand on their toes secondary to pain. A palpable pain occurs at the site of the inflammation in and around the inside or medial aspect of the heel or calcaneus.

Conservative treatment for plantar fasciitis involves reducing the strain on the plantar fascia when ambulation. This can be achieved a number of ways. Changing shoe gear with a supportive arch and heel counter helps stabilize the foot. An orthotic device to improve shock absorption and reduce the strain on the arch of the foot. Reduce weight of overweight and control blood sugar if diabetic. Avoid going barefoot on hard surfaces will help prevent further damage. Utilization of a plantar fascia night splint helps prevent the plantar fascia from contracting at night. In more chronic situations, a cortisone injection into the affected area can improve the condition. Therapy can help, including ultrasound and electrotherapy.

Surgery is necessary is a very small number of cases that do not respond to conservative care. New treatments have appeared over the last several years including Extracorporeal shockwave therapy and Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy. These procedures reduce recovery period and improve patient outcomes by limiting the affects of surgery and long recoveries.

Whatever course of treatment your doctor recommends, The Brace Shop has many years of experience in dealing with Plantar Fasciitis and has a wide range of orthopedic devices that can assist in your recovery. Plantar Fascia Night Splints, Dorsal Night Splints, Walking Boots and Plantar Fascia straps are just some of the hundreds of products available at The Brace Shop.

Choosing a Knee Brace

Choosing a Knee Brace

trizoneWhen you are looking at choosing a knee brace online, the challenges that face you are many.

First is finding a reputable website with a large selection and history of selling online. Second is finding the knee brace that is best for your knee condition. How do you choose? How do you know what knee brace is best for your situation or injury?

Before searching online for a knee brace, consult with your doctor, coach or trainer to determine what your knee injury is and if a brace is appropriate. If a brace is needed, there are many factors to take into consideration. Your age, height weight, sex, activity level are important factors to determine which manufacturer and type of knee brace is appropriate.

A good example of this fact is from a consumer who had arthritis in one of his knees and purchased a knee brace from some company online. The problem was he purchased a professional sports arthritis knee brace and he was 85 years old, and just needed a brace to get around. The website he purchased it from had an answering machine and no address provided, so he was stuck with a very expensive brace, with no way to return it.

These are situations that occur every day. Price is very important when shopping online. Doing your research is more important. Many physicians tell their patients to go online and get a brace, not being specific as to the manufacturer or style of brace. This creates confusion for the consumer, athlete or patient that needs the support.

Choosing a website that has experience in dealing with these situations gives the consumer a sense of confidence that the product they are getting is right for their knee condition. The
The Brace Shophas been around for over a decade and has services over one million customers. They provide over 50 manufacturers and thousands of orthopedic braces and supports. They are on the INC. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies, A+ BBB, and other awards. They have experience in dealing with most every knee problem imaginable and can talk with the treating physician or healthcare provider to determine which is an appropriate knee support for their patient. offers competitive pricing, fast shipping, free technical help and a fair exchange and return policy. Our customer service is available during normal business hours toll free, and can also be reached via instant message and email. Unlike many websites, Amazon and other shopping platforms, we want to speak with our customers. It ensures complete satisfaction, reduces errors and makes for a great user experience.

So trust The Brace Shop for your next knee brace purchase. Join our family of over one million satisfied customers.

Why are ASO Ankle Braces so Popular?

Why are ASO Ankle Braces so Popular?

Why are ASO Ankle Braces so Popular?Why are ASO Ankle Braces so Popular? The lace up ankle braces with figure 8 strapping configurations are by far the most popular ankle brace sold at The Brace Shop
There are many other manufacturers that make a lace up type of ankle brace with figure 8 strapping.

MedSpec (Medical Specialties, Inc.) was a relatively unknown company based out of Charlotee, NC, until several professional tennis players started to wear the ASO during play. Andy Roddick was one of the first and since then, athletes like Lebron James, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade use them for preventative reasons.

One reason for the popularity of the brace is its construction. The ASO ankle brace is lightweight for a lace-up brace but still maintains a degree of stiffness and rigidity along the sides of the brace. The figure 8 strapping configuration mimics a taping that a coach or a trainer would provide and is very adjustable. The more stability to prevent inversion of the ankle, the tighter you pull on the figure 8 straps. The brace is very durable with a life expectancy of approximately 10-12 months with repeated use. The ballistic nylon base provides tremendous strength considering the thickness of the material. The brace is easy to clean and can be machine washed, although it is best to hand wash and air dry for longevity.

The brace is ideal for chronic ankle instability and does not appear to restrict movement in those sports that require side to side movement and rotation, such as tennis and basketball. The ASO fits into most athletic shoe gear, although cleated shoes do pose a problem, especially with the ASO EVO and ASO with inserts.

Please make sure you speak with your coach, trainer or healthcare profession regarding your ankle condition, and what type of brace is best for your ankle problem. The Brace Shop has been around for years and has serviced over 1 million customers. Their goal is to provide exceptional service, best pricing and fast shipping. Other web based companies cannot offer the selection, service and prices that The Brace Shop has provided for over a decade.