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6 Ways to Calm Sciatic Back Pain

Sciatic back pain varies in severity, but even the mildest of cases can be very painful and debilitating. The pain is caused by experiencing a pinched nerve in the lower back; however, the pain can course through the length of the sciatic nerves which run all the way from the buttock to the feet.

As a result of the pinched nerve, the pain that runs down the legs or leg is often more painful than the initially pinched nerve itself. The most common cause of sciatic back pain is a herniated disk, which means a disk has been torn or cracked and starting to bulge in the spinal column. Left untreated, it can cause pain from the sciatica nerves throughout a lifetime. Continue reading

Preventing Injuries During Weightlifting

Man lifting heavy weights on barbell

Weightlifting is a very common activity for many people, as it helps to increase your muscle mass, improve your flexibility, and improve your overall health. People are drawn to weightlifting for many reasons. Weightlifting is a great activity to decrease body fat percentage, increase their muscle mass, and maintain their current build. Regardless of the reason, weightlifting can be enjoyable so long as individuals perform with caution and care. Continue reading

Supportive Gear for Spring Sports

Supportive gear for spring sportsFor those individuals who like to play sports year-round, there are always various options available. There are numerous factors that play into these season-specific types of activities, including school programs, weather, and availability.

Spring sports umbrella a variety of sports, but the most common ones you’ll find being played in this season include track and field, baseball, tennis, volleyball, golf, and pool-based sports. You’ll notice that many of these sports tend to be geared more toward individual play as opposed to team play, and they also tend to have less contact than others such as hockey or football. Continue reading

How to Properly Clean a Medical Brace

Medical braces provide added support, compression, and protection to various parts of our bodies. When we invest in a medical brace, we want to be able to use it for as long as necessary and, possibly, later on in case of a re-injury.

Designed to be sturdy, medical braces are made from strong, breathable materials, but that doesn’t mean that they will keep them from staying clean and fresh. Cleaning your medical brace is very important and if you are unsure how to do so, consider the information provided to help keep your brace in its original state. Continue reading