iPhone 5 and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Were you one of the lucky 2 million Apple devotees to preorder an iPhone 5 a few weeks ago? After 24 hours Apple had to stop taking requests because of the overwhelming response they received to their new product. Today many of you will be holding this new technology in your hands already, and maybe even reading this article on an iPhone 5!

Did you know though that there is a serious condition associated with being on your phone too much? RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) is used as an umbrella term to include ailments that can befall too much texting, including carpal tunnel, and trigger finger. Carpal tunnel syndrome frequently results from excessive texting along with extreme usage. Carpal tunnel from too much phone usage most commonly affects a person’s thumbs, but has been known to arise in the entire hand and wrist.  The effects of carpal tunnel syndrome come as cramping, swelling, tingling, and pain that can occur quite severely and last for several days.

Trigger finger is also a painful condition that happens in people who frequently work where they are required to repetitively grip objects, such as a phone. The finger will stick in a bent position and snap when straightened causing a surge of pain.

When not treated properly, RSI disorders can heal incorrectly and cause permanent damage. The Brace Shop sells a wide variety of thumb splints and wrist braces, placing a specific emphasis on quality to aid restoration of injured limbs. Wrist/Forearm Splints provide maximum immobilization of the forearm, wrist and hand. These braces are usually indicated post-surgery, post-fracture casting, carpal tunnel syndrome and severe wrist sprains and strains. Thumb Spica Wrist Braces offer additional immobilization for the thumb area, they are generally indicated for soft tissue injuries, gamekeeper injuries, collateral ligament support and avulsion fractures of the thumb.

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