Mike Miller Is Recovered From Back Injury

Mike Miller Back BraceMiami Heat forward, Mike Miller, is back in the game! After two injury filled seasons, Miller is finally able to start practicing again. He continues to suffer pain from his seriously damaged back, but he completed rehab recently and has been performing strength building exercises. Miller has been seen walking hunched over, and his stride is not as smooth as it used to be, but he’s keeping his spirits hopeful. In mid-July, Miller was telling anyone who would listen that he would be back this season; he hasn’t failed to fulfill those promises!


Back injuries are very serious; perhaps more so though because it affects the core of your body. If you have ever had lower back pain, you are not alone. Low back pain is usually triggered by some combination of overuse, muscle strain, spasms, or ligament injury to the spine, but can also be caused by a herniated disk or pinched nerve.  The most common job related disability is a back injury. Heavy lifting, bending or twisting can result in short or long term disability.


The Brace Shop has a wide variety of back braces that are specialized for different types of needs and pains. Occupational Back Braces can be used at work, at home or in the car. These supports provide immediate back-pain relief and promote a healthy spine.  Lumbar Back Braces are utilized to provide support to the lumbar spine, aid in the relief of mild to moderate low back pain, and low back sprains or strains. Women need help to provide relief for strained muscles and ligaments. Many of these products helps alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the abdominal and lumbar regions. For more information and to see the Brace Shop’s selection please visit our online store today!

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