4 Braces for Volleyball Season

Volleyball has become an increasingly popular sport over the last decade. The sport requires a lot of leadership, team communication, and physical fitness to play at your very best. As the sport has inherited more and more players, the level of competition has also increased, and as a result injuries have increased as well. It has been reported that some of the most common areas for volleyball injuries include the shoulders, fingers, and ankles, as these areas are used the most frequently in this sport.

For volleyball players, it’s important to protect those parts of your body that are subjected to overuse, blunt force, and other possible causes of injury. To ensure that you stay healthy throughout the volleyball season, there are a variety of body braces that will be able to help prevent and protect areas of the body, including knees, shoulders, wrists, and fingers.


Consider investing in protective bracing so that you can enjoy a successful season in volleyball. Here are 4 of the best braces for volleyball season:

  1. DonJoy Sully Shoulder Brace

Volleyball is a very arm-heavy sport. Players are constantly bumping, setting, serving, and spiking, which leads to a lot of overuse in the shoulder joints. To help protect players from injuries such as strains, shoulder separation, shoulder instabilities, and more, a brace such as the DonJoy Sully Shoulder Brace will help to control the shoulder’s range of motion.

The brace itself is designed to stabilize, assist, or restrict movement of the shoulder in post-injury or post-op situations. The neoprene material grips the skin to track its movement without limiting movement or performance. Athletes with previous shoulder pain may also consider this type of brace to prevent further injury.


  1. Bort MalleoStabil Ankle Brace

Athletes who have incurred injury or pain to the upper portion of the ankle will want to consider a brace such as the Bort MalleoStabil Ankle Brace. This brace is designed to stabilize the upper ankle joint, as well as reduce ligament injury pain, upper ankle joint sprains, supination or pronation, and fibular ligament rupture.

For volleyball players, the ankle takes a lot of heat because of the necessary movements such as change of direction, pivoting, jumping, and landing. For hitters, ankle injuries can occur upon landing, while positions such as the libero must perform changes in direction quickly. Movements like this have the ability to wear down the ankle over time or cause rolls, sprains, etc. when there is knee-to-knee contact or unsafe landings.

An ankle brace like this will stabilize the ankle joint, while also helping to reduce swelling, control pronation, and increase physical activity.


  1. FLA 3D Adjustable Thumb Brace

It comes as no surprise that volleyball players are constantly using their hands and fingers to perform spikes, serves, sets, and more. For a player who injures their hand or fingers, this can mean a very long time on the injured list before the area fully heals.

To help prevent possible injury, volleyball players should consider a thumb brace like the FLA 3D Adjustable Thumb Brace. This brace helps to support and immobilize the thumb, while still allowing for a full range of hand movements. Players who have incurred a thumb injury can use this brace to immobilize the CMC and MCP joints without losing their ability to perform at their best.


  1. United Ortho FKB ACL Knee Brace

Knee injuries are some of the most common ailments across all types of sports. For volleyball players, a knee brace is a great option to consider if they want to protect their knee from blunt force, knee-on-knee contact, sprains, and more.

A brace like the United Ortho FKB ACL Knee Brace is designed to help with a variety of ailments, including moderate to severe knee instabilities in the ACL, MCL, and LCL. Players who wear the brace may notice that their joint function improves, and that it allows for maximum performance while still offering full protection.

Volleyball positions such as the libero, who tends to dive and dig into the court, often may want to consider a quality knee brace to help them prevent injury or protect previous injuries from re-occurring.

With volleyball season underway, athletes will want to make sure they do what they can to keep their bodies healthy, strong, and protected from injury. These 4 braces are some of the best options for volleyball players; however, it’s important that individuals speak to their sports doctors or family doctors before investing in a brace. Many of the designs are meant for specific ailments and needs, and choosing the wrong kind will be more harmful than helpful.


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