6 Dead, 3 Injured at a Wisconsin Temple

Only three weeks removed from the tragedy in Colorado, another shooter, this time with clear motive, entered a peaceful Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on Sunday, and opened fire. What made this tragedy more unique was that it took place in a house of worship, the region so often perceived to be off limits from the angers of political or social animosity. No doubt there were Mormons, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and those from every American religion throughout the country who clutched their children a little tighter when they heard the news that their most sacred houses are not immune to the evils of the world.

Still, this most recent shooting also demonstrated some of the greatest strengths of human nature. For example, when two police officers first appeared on the scene, they immediately risked their lives to protect a congregation they knew very little about. Police Lt. Brian Murphy took 9 bullets at point blank range, but when more officers came to help him, he waved them on, insisting that they go help others who had been injured in the temple. For a selfless act in the face of selfish violence, Murphy is currently in critical condition at a local hospital.

To those guardians and heroes who protect our communities, we humbly offer our gratitude.

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