In the Aftermath of Irene

For the majority who were in the line of fire this weekend, Hurricane Irene did far less damage than expected and was even downgraded to a tropical storm by Sunday morning. At last count, approximately 20 Americans lost their lives during the storm and very few citizens needed to visit the ER during the worst of the winds. Some hospitals even took the liberty of encouraging low risk patients to go home early so as to be in the shelter of their own homes. As a result, medical facilities were commonly barren during the height of the storm.

Unfortunately, the potential for injury has just begun. As residents go outside and begin the cleanup efforts in the aftermath of Irene, picking up debris and kicking on generators may be more dangerous than the hurricane itself. Individuals who might never use their ladders or chainsaws during the year now suddenly feel compelled to help clean up, but they end up hurting themselves in the process. Add to this problem an increase of fallen power lines throughout the massive span of 4 million homes who are currently without power. Oxygen tanks needing electricity, broken wires lying in the street, and any number of unexpected or unusual situations can lead to a great influx of new patients in the ER.

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