AJSM: Snowboarding More Dangerous Than Skiing

The American Journal of Sports Medicine put out a report in early 2012 stating that, statistically, the risks are much higher with snowboarding than skiiing. Perhaps this seems an obvious conclusion, since one sport puts the pressure on a single board while the other provides a natural balance to the use of both legs. However, the numbers really add weight to the argument.

For example, snowboarders are more likely to injure their wrists than any other part of the body. This only makes logical sense. If both legs are positioned together on a board and a fall begins at increasingly high speeds, the athlete is going to brace that fall with the most instinctual body part available: the wrist. On the other hand, skiers are more likely to injure their ACL (knee). And again, this only makes sense. Dr. Terrell Joseph of Vail-Summit Orthopaedics in Vail, Colorado, described it like this:

“When you rotate and torque your knee at the same time, the force is transferred through the ski and the binding, through the stiff boot. The next mobile joint is the knee, thus subject to injury. Meniscal tears are common when this happens; ‘sitting in the back seat’ in combination with the rotary torque causes the ACL to pop, which the patient often hears as the ligament tears.”

But as all athletes learn, there is no sport that enjoys complete and total escape from the risks of injury. What this study conveys is not whether athletes today can or should change their preferences, but what the athletes of tomorrow might decide to pursue on the slopes. Risks are inherent with every sport, but research helps to guide our decisions about how to play in the most healthy way possible.

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