All You Need to Know About Knee Braces

All You Need to Know About Knee Braces

This article should tell you all you need to know about knee braces.

Braces used for the knee are supports worn on an injured or painful knee. A good number of people engaged in sports use them to prevent knee injuries while working out. They are availed in various designs with most constructed using a combination of flexible and rigid materials, metal or plastic for support and basic structure and mouldable foam or synthetic rubber for positioning and padding. Generally, braces are made from straps, elastic material, plastic, foam and metal combinations.

They also come in many designs, colors and sizes.

Kinds of braces for the knee


These are types of braces designed for the protection of the knees from certain injuries emanating from contact sports such as football.

Functional braces

They are used on those already injured to give the knees some support.

Rehabilitative braces

Using these limits injurious knee movement as a knee heals after surgery or injury.

Offloader/unloader braces

Individuals with knee arthritis can use these for the much needed relief.

Are braces effective?

Many of the knee braces in the market claim to work well. Unloader, rehabilitative and functional braces are considered the most effective as much as the others also work. Certain braces help people a lot more than other types. Some people are always skeptical of using braces for their knees fearing that they could increase knee injuries during sports. In general, those using knee braces have claimed they help a lot. The type you want to use should be selected and ascertained by your personal physician.

When should you consider using a knee brace?

If you have mild pain while playing tennis, basketball or after slightly uncomfortable motions it is a good time to consider using soft sleeve braces. Remember different knee issues require specific braces for your knee. After knee surgery, a doctor might select a specific type while other doctors might select another kind for support rather than recommend surgery in case of a damaged knee ligament. Pain on the front part of the knee that has refused to improve even after flexibility and strengthening exercises does require a knee brace. If the brace you are using seems not to work to improve or stop the injury to the knee, get advice from your physician for a better brace.

How do you access braces?

You can access them through medical supply stores or pharmacies where simple
supports and knee sleeves are usually stocked.  The doctor is also a good resource of the many distinct braces you might be looking for. The doctor helps you select the brace that correctly meets your size.

How to use a knee brace

Knee brace is used as directed by the manufacturer and your doctor. While putting it on, ensure the hinges are on the part the knee bends. Tapes and straps must be fastened around the leg. As you engage in sports, check the brace placement to ensure it has not moved. Braces positioned poorly could hurt and won’t help you.

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