Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains

Ankle SprainsAnkle Sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports, especially among people who take part in high impact or high contact types of activities. Ankle sprains can be a minor injury and inconvenience or it can be very severe, requiring immediate medical attention.  If left untreated, it can re-occur over and over again if the correct steps aren’t taken to help it heal. Inversion ankle sprains and the most common type of ankle injury as seen on the image.  Ankle Sprains can occur when you step off the curb the wrong way, or when stepping on another athletes foot when playing basketball.  When you sprain your ankle you are actually tearing one of three ligaments that are found on the outside of the ankle.

The eversion sprain occurs when the inner ligament or deltoid ligament is torn.  This occurs very infrequently.  A typical mild ankle sprain usually involves one of the three ligaments on the outside of the ankle.  If all three are involved, that can cause severe instability of the ankle joint and requires immediate medical attention.  These types of ankle sprains occur in car accidents or falls from a great height.

Treatment of acute ankle sprains involve ice, rest, compression and elevation to control swelling and pain.  A walking boot may be necessary to immobilize the foot and ankle and allow the ligaments to heal. Compression ankle braces and ankle supports are ideal for situations that just require control of mild swelling and pain.  More severe instability require lace up type ankle braces, stirrup or hinged stirrup ankle braces.  Ankle braces can help heal and stabilize a sprained ankle.

Most people have a twisted ankle at some point in their life, but if the ankle gets swollen and painful after you twist it, you have most likely sprained it. It’s important to immediately ice the damaged ankle when any abnormal pain occurs in order to reduce swelling and pain. A doctor should be consulted if the discomfort continues to attain a diagnosis and treatment.

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