Anze Kopitar Knee Injury

Anze Kopitar Knee Injury

Anze Kopitar Knee InjuryAnze Kopitar Knee Injury continues to be in the hockey headlines. The National Hockey League is finally back in training camp after a recent lockout that put the season on delay. The season opening games are set for this coming weekend, but the defending champion Los Angeles Kings’ leading scorer may have to sit on the bench for the first few games. Anze Kopitar injured his right knee in a collision while playing for Mora IK in Sweden. Kopitar himself said he feels fine to play, but the Kings coaching staff will have to make the final decision come game time.

At the time of this blog, the exact cause of Anze Kopitar Knee Injury is unknown.  Kopitar’s agent insists that the injury is not severe and he should be back to normal in a week or two.  Anze Kopitar has played with Los Angeles when they won the Stanley Cup in 2012.

It is important for amateur hockey players to seek medical attention if a knee pain or swelling does not go away after a couple of days.  More serious damage can occur if you continue to play on an injured knee.  Hockey places an extraordinary amount of pressure on the lower extremities and in particular the knees.  Speed and balance are necessary in hockey and an injured knee will affect both.  Meniscus and collateral ligament injuries are common in hockey due to the high impact and high contact nature of the sport.

There are many hockey players wearing knee braces when they play.  They are worn under their hockey gear, so you do not see the knee braces.  Check with your coach or trainer if you have knee pain when playing hockey.

The Brace Shop prides itself for selling specific Knee Braces and pads for a whole variety of knee injuries, plus a larger extensive list that you can find in their virtual shop. Many hockey players, including Kopitar, wear knee braces to help stabilize an injured and prevent further injury. The NHL takes their health seriously, so should you!

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