Bach, Famed American Author, Injured in Ironic Plane Crash

Richard Bach is well known for his books about flying and his long held belief that human beings must learn to look beyond their physical limitations. As a pilot in the New Jersey Air National Guard, Bach developed more than an appreciation of flight, but a compelling desire to encourage all men and women to experience life above the clouds. As man of fearless abandon, Bach is now in his late 70s and often flies alone. Such was the case on August 31, when his aircraft caught the cables of a power line during his landing on San Juan Island in the northern archipelago of Washington State, then crashed along the grass outside the runway.

Remarkably, Bach escaped the plane with only a head injury and a broken shoulder. His aircraft was upside down and sparks were flying from the broken cable, yet nothing more serious occurred. This is not to make light of the serious injuries he now battles, but we can be sure that his family and friends are standing by his side at this time.

James Bach, his son, says that “things are looking better” and “doctors are guardedly optimistic.”

We wish Mr. Bach and his family all the best in recovery.

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