Back and Forth with Murray and Djokovic

Literally. In June, the Brace Shop began talking about the British tennis phenom, Andy Murray, because he had been at risk of missing Wimbledon with a torn ankle tendon. Wimbledon was then conquered by Novak Djokovic. Now it would appear that Djokovic is down with a shoulder injury and faced a tough loss on Sunday in the 2011 Cincinnati Masters to… who else? Andy Murray. So no joke, this battle seems to go back and forth between Murray and Djokovic.

On Sunday, Djokovic dropped out of a game with Murray after citing shoulder pain, thus causing him to lose none other than his second game only this entire season. Both he and physicians ceded that the pain and trouble had been nagging for more than a week, but had gotten worse and worse leading up to the Sunday match.

But this is not Djokovic throwing in the towel. On the contrary, we’re just 8 days away from the U.S. Open and he has his heart set on a full, shoulder recovery prior to the opening of the first match. In 2008, it was Murray and Djokovic who competed in the final round of the U.S. Open. Murray won. Now Djokovic is convinced that an identical match up may be inevitable if he can get himself healthy enough to make it that far in the competition.

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