The Benefit of T.E.N.S.

Electrotherapy has been a solution for chronic and nagging pain longer than most of us might imagine.  But tools, gadgets and methods that required the patient to either go somewhere or have someone poke and prod have always been unappealing.  It wasn’t until the middle of June, 1974 when the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device was patented that things began to change.  T.E.N.S., as they call it, is a portable unit that patients can wear for chronic pains as an alternative to more serious surgeries and spinal implants.

Two of the most respectable T.E.N.S. providers in the world are Mettler Electronics Corp and the Chattanooga Group.  Mettler prides itself on being ‘the world leader in portable ultrasound and electrostimulation therapy equipment’ for use in sports medicine, physical therapy, and other types of restorative health care.  Chattanooga, much in a similar fashion, prides itself on being ‘the world’s largest manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for a variety of skeletal, muscular, neurological, and tissue disorders.  Both aim to be innovative and solution-driven so as to provide products of excellence for doctors and patients who need the best therapy available.

We offer multiple T.E.N.S. products from both Mettler and Chattanooga with a goal of standing by our reputation as the leading provider of therapy products for almost any situation.  Each item comes highly recommended at a reasonable cost to you.  No one can beat The Brace Shop prices, their service and their huge selection. The Brace Shop supplies hospitals, sports teams, schools, doctors, therapists, nursing homes & military bases around the world. Shop Where The Pros Go!

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