Bling Bling on a Neck Brace?

Quite possibly, you’ve never seen anything like it. We certainly haven’t. And dare we say, Ryan Seacrest, the always fashionable host of American Idol had never seen anything like it. What was it?

The bedazzled neck brace! Jason Derulo, who the Brace Shop mentioned on January 26, emerged on stage during last week’s taping of American Idol wearing what some were describing as an outlandish accessory. On March 29, The Hollywood Reporter conducted an interview with the pop star, asking “Where did it come from [the neck brace], who made it?”

“A French jeweler who lives in Paris. He found out that my neck was broken and I had to wear this ugly thing around all the time. So we talked, and he was like, ‘Why don’t I make you a piece?’ and he made me this. I gave him what I had in mind, and he came up with this. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. He turned the ugliest thing into the sexiest thing. It’s all crystals. I have this one, and then I have the other medical one. I’m starting my own line… no, I’m just playing.”

It’s tough to compete with crystal-based neck braces. Seriously. Most of us don’t have that kind of money, let alone the privilege to bump into a Frenchman who can build us a fancy brace with expensive jewels.

The fact is, a neck injury is tough stuff. Personally, emotionally, financially. Tough. Even Derulo can admit that the last few months have been hard. Between the medical costs, the doctor visits, and the therapy, the neck brace should be the least of your expenses. And that’s where we come in. Hat’s off to Derulo for making the neck brace look cool, but for the average person who needs one, it’s our job to make the brace affordable. Not to mention, the physicians who design our braces have a far more important set of goals in mind than just sexy. They aim for stability, support, and comfort.

Should you end up in the same situation as Derulo, causing long term damage to the neck, we hope you’ll choose from our Head and Neck Shop. You won’t find any Crystal Neck Braces. Not yet, at least.

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