Boston Marathon The Spirit Runs On

Boston Marathon The Spirit Runs On

Boston Marathon The Spirit Runs OnBoston Marathon The Spirit Runs On. The Boston Marathon took root in 1897 and slowly but steadily grew into a footrace with 20,000 or more participants running twenty-six miles. An estimated half a million spectators watch as professional and amateur runners from all over the world chase their dreams down winding roads, up unrelenting hills and through the brisk air of an early spring day in New England.

This Marathon has always represented the ‘can do’ attitude of individuals who drive the collective mindset. It became the first notable marathon to develop a division specifically for participants in wheelchairs. Add another division for the runners who are blind, and yet another for those with impaired mobility, to approach the full meaning of the Boston Marathon.

On April 15, 2013, two bombs exploded near the grandstands that focused on the last strides of the runners as they approached the not-too-distant finish line. The dream of completing the marathon suddenly became surreal and nightmarish. Screams pierced the air as bodies were shredded, broken and blown apart by senseless, cowardly violence. And, still, some runners continued on.

Inspirational stories took shape above the crimson-stained rubble. Whether truths, myths-in-the-making or a mixture of each, it makes little to no difference. The spirit behind the stories is very real. Runners continued to propel themselves to the finish line. It has been reported that several who escaped injury kept right on running to the nearest hospital to donate blood.

An elderly runner, knocked down by one of the blasts, was helped up onto his feet. He was assisted across the finish line. A middle-aged man sat in a wheelchair with one of his lower legs missing. Appearing in shock, he was rushed across the finish line before he was taken to an ambulance. The will to survive and to carry on has never been more evident.

What was to be gained from bombing the Boston Marathon? The event is comprised of the most innovative, tenacious and goal-oriented people in the world. They work around their physical challenges to accomplish whatever they set out to do. Their reach is long and they’ll use whatever tools are available to complete their bucket lists. Prosthetics, braces, crutches and wheelchairs are just a means for them to move forward in life.

It’s all a testament to the human spirit. As long as the body can be mobile, it will race towards one goal after another. That’s what makes the difference between being alive and living. And, witness those who make it against all odds reach out to help those who are stumbling or hobbling along. Sometimes, the blind really do lead the blind. And, they do it very well.

Two years have passed since that awful day. Now we reach out in full support of all of the victims and their families. Just like you, we’re fully committed to doing whatever we can to help you to move on with full lives. Know, in this uniquely challenging time, that you aren’t standing alone. As the Brace Shop deals with patients who have lost mobility due to trauma and disease, our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims in hopes for a speedy recovery.We stand beside you to walk along with you. Although the Boston Marathon is over for this year, thanks to all of you, the spirit runs on.

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