Buster Posey Injury Reignites Debate

Buster Posey came to the attention of Floridians while playing college baseball at Florida State University, but rapidly hit the national scene by playing in the big leagues with the San Francisco Giants, a team currently atop the rankings as World Series champions. But last week, Posey hit severe snag in his early career after a crash with Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins led to a broken fibula. Perhaps most daunting is that Seminoles’ fans were privileged to watch their boy play absolutely every single game without fail, but Giants fans will now have to wait until next season before seeing Posey don the uniform for a big game.

The injury has caused some important debate among commentators. Cousins and Posey collided at home plate, sparking concern over the vulnerability of a catcher who stands directly in the line of fire. Giants coach Bruce Bochy was quoted as saying, “I think we do need to consider changing the rules here a little bit because the catcher is so vulnerable and there’s so many who have gotten hurt… And not just a little bit, had their careers ended or shortened.”

Opponents argue that this is all part of the game. Calling it a tradition, some say that its as common to baseball as ‘Cracker Jacks and peanuts’. Perhaps. But in the name of fun, it’s always wise to think of ways to prevent future injuries. Bochy may have a point.

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