Chenoweth Off “The Good Wife” with Neck Brace

Kristin Chenoweth gained early notoriety on Broadway as a singer and actress with the look of a star. Throughout her career, she has been seen in almost two dozen films, but even more people have gotten to know her as a recurring character on shows like The West Wing, Pushing Daisies, and Glee. More recently, her role has been in The Good Wife, as a political reporter, but that came to a shocking halt when Chenoweth turned up with a neck brace last week, proclaiming an injury she allegedly sustained while on the set.

There was, as we understand it, a true and serious injury about a month ago, in which Chenoweth was hit in the head by lighting equipment. She was rushed to the hospital, but came back with no indication that there would be any long term concerns. Only now, almost a month later, has she come out onto the public scene wearing a neck brace and quietly suggesting that there may be a lawsuit pending against the studio for its negligence. Whether that ever materializes is an entirely different story, but we wish her the best in recovery.

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