Chris Paul Knee Injury

Chris Paul Knee Injury

Chris Paul Knee InjuryChris Paul, the starting point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers, has been sitting some games out recently due to a right knee injury.

Chris Paul Knee Injury has been documented when he played for the new Orleas Hornets.  At that time he underwent an arthroscopic knee surgery to repair his meniscus. Although having their all-star point guard missing multiple games, the Clippers are currently 32-11 and are in good shape sitting at third in the western conference.

Paul attempted to come off the bench for two games but only aggravated his knee. He will be questionable for tonight’s game.

Arthroscopic surgery is a common surgery where a camera and very small instruments are used instead of opening up the entire joint.  Arthroscopic surgery is beneficial than traditional surgery as it reduces trauma to the knee and surround tissue thereby increasing recovery and rehabilitation time.  There are approximately 4 million arthroscopic surgeries in the USA each year.

The surgeon can view the surgery he or she is performing by looking at a video screen in the operating room.  The surgeon can cut and repair tissue with instruments on one side, while viewing the procedure through the camera located in another incision.

Common procedures performed utilizing arthroscopic surgery include meniscus repair, which Chris Paul Knee Injury was.  The procedure is performed with various methods of anesthesia.  It is up to the treating doctor and anesthesiologist to determine the anesthesia based on health and age factors.

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