Comeback Athlete in Facebook Scandal

The achilles tendon is a bridge between the lower leg and the heel. If it ruptures, experts say that any recovery can and will take more than a year. This was the case for Ariane Friedrich, a German high jumper who placed seventh in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. During a training in the winter of 2010, Friedrich seriously damaged her achilles tendon, removing her from all competition through 2011, with no sure guarantee that she would make it back to full health for the 2012 Summer Olympics, scheduled to begin in London on July 27.

According to recent reports, doctors believe she may be capable of joining the summer games, but for the moment, Friedrich has broiled herself into a controversy of ethical and legal proportions. On Facebook, she has been the victim of an ongoing stalker who regularly sends her explicit photographs. Unfortunately, to combat the harassment, Friedrich decided to post the name and address of her stalker, in order to put public pressure on the deviant to stop his actions. Her decision may well have backfired. According to German law, it goes against privacy regulations to post the information of someone other than yourself… which only makes sense. Perhaps what makes the Friedrich case so intriguing is that she is not only an Olympic athlete, but a police officer. Go figure.

We hope to see her come back from the ruptured tendon this July, but we’ll let the German authorities determine whether her actions were ethically within reason.

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