Common Soccer Injuries

Common Soccer Injuries

Common Soccer Injuries

Common Soccer Injuries

With all the media attention drawn to the World Cup, Soccer is gaining more public interest in the USA.  Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and is one of the fasting growing sports in the USA. In this article we will review the most common soccer injuries that occur in this sport and various ways to treat them.

If you are watching some of the matches on TV, you will notice many injuries among the athletes, primarily lower extremity injuries.  Besides the biting and dramatic questionable falls, Soccer does pose certain risks not only to the professional athlete, but to the young and up and coming soccer player.

So what are the most common soccer injuries?

Sprains and strains are the most common type of soccer injury. Ankle sprains and contusions from player contact in the foot/ankle and lower leg are very frequent injuries. Ankle sprains can range from mild stretching of the ankle ligaments, to interosseous tears in the lower leg.  Fractures of the foot and ankle are also prevalent in Soccer, and require immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Injuries to the knee include:

1) ACL and meniscus tears occur when the athlete’s cleat gets stuck in the grass, and the torso and leg turn in an abnormal direction.  ACL tears of the knee are due to hyperextension of the knee and may require surgery in order to re-attach the ligament.

2) The most severe types of injuries are concussions, due to direct head to head contact or head to body contact.  Concussions and the treatment of these head injuries have received more focus over the past several years, especially in football. They require immediate attention and evaluation before the player returns to the field.

Whatever the injury, if there is pain, then there is something wrong.  The worse thing an athlete can do is “work out the pain”.  Until a diagnosis is made of the injury, you may be risking more damage and a longer healing time.  Check with your doctor, coach or trainer.

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