DeCastro Goes Down for the Steel City

No good, they say. Pittsburgh Steelers fans are up in arms about the new artificial surface (turf) that seems to have affected some of the players for the worse. On Saturday, when the Steelers were beating up on the Buffalo Bills in a lopsided victory, Rookie Guard Jason DeCastro went down with a potential season-ending knee injury. Some will argue that he got stepped on. Others say that he could have gotten out, but his foot got stuck in the grass. Superstar quarterback Ben Roethlisberger expressed a strange, almost contradictory statement about the situation.

“This is a great field, but it’s FieldTurf, and it’s just killing guys because they can’t get their feet out of the ground, and it’s just another reason we should get rid of FieldTurf.” They have a great field, he said, but a bad field at the same time. One they should get rid of. The only problem? Pittsburgh was playing in Buffalo and Buffalo doesn’t use FieldTurf.

In 2010, the NFLPA rated fields throughout the league for their safety and consistency. And for the tenth consecutive year, FieldTurf ranked among the best surfaces in the NFL. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis was placed at the top when it came to stadium fields. Below that came New York, New Orleans, and Seattle. Pittsburgh didn’t make it into the top 10, but Buffalo landed at number 12. In other words, according to the NFLPA, Buffalo has a better field than Pittsburgh, so DeCastro’s injury can’t be blamed on FieldTurf. But it’s always worth looking into such matters again.

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