Deron Williams Injured Ankles

Deron Williams Injured Ankles

Deron Williams Injured AnklesThe Brooklyn Nets have had a good season so far, but Deron Williams injured ankles may be a concern. If the playoffs began today, the Nets would play against the Chicago Bulls in the first round. The Bulls would be a strong opponent for the Nets without Williams, but they could easily knock them off with him. The Nets can’t afford to enter the playoffs without Williams. He is the most important player on the roster due to his talent.

Ankle sprains are very common in basketball.  Coming down for jump shots and landing on an apposing players foot is all to frequent.  This causes the ligaments on the outside of the athletes ankle to stretch or tear, resulting in an ankle sprain.  These types of injuries respond to ice, rest, elevation and compression at first, but will require taping and brace for long term protection. There are slip on sleeve types of ankle braces, but they only provide compression.  Lace up braces can provide additional support, but they can be restrictive.  Stirrup ankle braces and hinged stirrup and braces offer the most support, but they can be bulky and take up room in your basketball shoes.  Check with your doctor or therapist to determine the best type of ankle brace for your condition.

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