The Doomsday Press

Last week, the Brace Shop mentioned that experts are questioning the remains of Tiger Woods’ career.  Hogwash, he says.  “It’s certainly not the doomsday that some of the press members are writing about.  I was certainly a lot more concerned back in ’08.  That was very difficult.  A lot of pain.  This one’s a cake-walk compared to that one.”  The ‘one’ he was referring had been a ruptured ACL and two broken bones that held him back from winning the U.S. Open in 2008; injuries that would keep almost anyone from winning a major title.

Perhaps there is great irony in the fact that Woods referred to a ‘doomsday’-hungry media.  After all, the ‘Doomsday prophet’, Harold Camping, who self-predicted that May 21st would be the end of the world, was wrong.  Not that many people were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the end, but Camping, president of Family Radio, is hanging onto the money that he acquired from followers who supported his declaratory campaign.  In other words, right or wrong about a doomsday scenario, both Camping and Woods can still take their careers to the bank for as long as the doomsday media gives them attention.

Let it be said that the Brace Shop has not predicted any kind of Woods fall.  We have merely shared the expert opinion that swirls around a digressing athlete whose star power is waning. 

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