Dream Team Still Dreaming

Before the season started – or should we say, from the moment the lockout ended – experts were calling the Philadelphia Eagles a 2011 Dream Team. Perhaps those ‘experts’ should have been a little more critical of their sources. Apparently, the entire conversation about a ‘dream team’ began when 2-time pro bowl Quarterback Vince Young came on board as a backup and Cullen Jenkins left the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers to sign with Philadelphia as a defensive lineman. Young had barely stepped off the plane and shared his profound ‘dream’ about the team he was joining. Jenkins, however, was a bit more realistic, having just come from the champion Packers.

“Calling ourselves the ‘Dream Team,’ that would indicate that we’ve done something or that we’re to a level that other people want to be at,” he said. “But in actuality, we just have talent on our team, but we haven’t done anything with the talent yet. So we need to go out there and prove something first before we can start talking about what we are.”

Those ‘dreams’ are now in serious jeopardy. Starting Quarterback Michael Vick went down in Sunday’s matchup against the Giants with what many were calling a ‘broken hand’ on his non-throwing arm. Turns out, it’s just a bruise. But no matter, Vick is injured for the second time this season and we’ve only seen three weeks of play. Eagles’ fans are known for being pretty intense and only time will tell if they can put up with a dangerous, incredibly mobile quarterback who puts himself at probable risk in almost every down. If not, stands may start chanting for a Young replacement.

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