The So Dull Pro Bowl

Last year, the NFL began an experiment with their annual all star game in Honolulu. The Pro Bowl, as they call it, would be played during the week before the Super Bowl, rather than the week after. Ideally, more people would still be interested in a somewhat casual football game if the sport hadn’t officially closed its season. What the NFL powers-that-be failed to realize is that you simply can’t make a boring game more appealing to audiences if the players who perform in the contest are only playing at half-mast.


Even with a score that combined for triple digits (59-41), receivers were practically just jogging through their routes. They were having a great time joking around and playing for fun. Fans, however, were bored out of their minds. Some even turned it off before the end of the first quarter, lowering the ratings more than 8 percent from last year.

On the off chance you came looking for the winner, the score, or the summary of Sunday’s matchup, here’s a quick recap: the AFC beat the NFC with a score of 59 to 41, bringing the series to a 21-21 tie, Brandon Marshall took home honors as the MVP, and, well, that’s basically it. No one was seriously injured since no one was moving fast enough to be at risk (we’ll pause for a moment of half-hearted laughter).

Bring on the Super Bowl!

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