Dwyane Wade Knee Injury Recover

Dwayne Wade needs a knee braceWednesday, October 5, was the Miami Heat’s first official public practice of the season! It was good to see all the players out there on the court together, but unfortunately a member of the championship team’s trio had to sit on the sidelines. Dwyane Wade is recovering from knee surgery that he had over the summer, but plans to participate in future preseason games. Wade has been playing in the training camp, but wisely chose to rest his injured knee for the first preseason scrimmage.  It has been under speculation that Wade would not be able to play this season, but in an interview with Ethan Skolnick, he informed us, “I don’t know where that came from,” Wade said. “I will try a preseason game. At least one. It will be more than one. It won’t be eight, but it will be more than one. If I continue to progress the way I’ve been progressing.”

Knee injuries can occur for a number of reasons and in many different forms, but some of the most common are: Torn Cartilage, PCL Injuries, MCL Injuries, and ACL Injuries. Braces are worn to aid healing for all of these destabilizing hurts. Many injuries can be remedied by resting and supporting the knee, but it is important to see a doctor for any unusual discomfort to find the proper form of treatment.

The Brace Shop prides itself for selling specific Knee Braces and pads for all of the listed injuries above, plus a larger extensive list that you can find in their virtual shop. If you watched the Miami Heat game, you would have noticed that many of the players on the team sported various knee supports to help them stabilize and prevent further stresses to the knee and surrounding areas. The NBA takes their health seriously, so should you!

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