Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury was just one of the problems the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling with this season. Their starting center Dwight Howard was out due to a shoulder injury could hurt them even more. The Lakers acquired Dwight Howard in a 3 team deal last year. Along with Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol, the some say Lakers should be in the top ranks this season, although they are currently quite the opposite. The last thing the Lakers needed was another injury, but all they can do is hope their All-Star center is healthy as soon as possible.Dwight Howard Shoulder Injury

A torn labrum involves the socket of the shoulder.  The glenoid is part of the scapula, and the labrum is the soft tissue that makes up the rim of the socket.  The labrum makes the glenoid socket deeper for the arm bone to fit into.  The rotator cuff covers this area of the shoulder, so many times, the two injuries can occur together.

Treatment for a torn labrum usually involves arthroscopic surgery to repair and remove the affected area. Some cases can resolve with conservative treatment, physical therapy and extensive rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder. Your doctor will evaluation your shoulder, perform tests such ans MRI and CAT scan before determining if surgery is necessary.

Certain shoulder braces and shoulder slings are used both for conservative treatment and post surgery applications.  Some shoulder braces hold your shoulder and arm in a particular angle to maximize healing.
The Brace Shop has a large selection of shoulder braces and shoulder slings to choose from in their online store. Shoulder injuries and other joint injuries can be very common in basketball and other sports, but a brace may help heal and prevent further injury. The Brace Shop’s online store also gives you the option to sort by condition, thus allowing you to find exactly what you need. Contact the Brace Shop today with any questions you my have.

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