DWTS Dancer Down

Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is now in its twelfth season, emerging as a commercial success on many levels.  Each year, a host of stars take their turn on the dance floor to strut their stuff and see who America loves the most.  The show has crowned winners from Emmitt Smith and Drew Lachey to Brooke Burke and Jennifer Gray.  Over the weekend, however, DWTS fans learned some troubling news.  Kym Johnson injured her neck during rehearsals with Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Johnson was taken to an L.A. hospital on Friday where, after several tests, she was cleared to go home with a neck brace.  Less than a week before, Ralph Macchio (aka, the original Karate Kid) was injured because of cyst in his knee.  The challenge of winning a competition of this level is that fans want to see their stars do things on the dance floor that no one has done before.  In order to achieve the unbelievable, their practices involve a great deal of trial and error; error being the key word.

Johnson, whose true stardom as a professional ballroom dancer is more well known in Australia, has given her talent to DWTS in almost every season since the beginning.  Her partners have been remarkably diverse, ranging from Jerry Springer and Joey Fatone (NSync) to Warren Sapp and David Hasselhoff.

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