Early Season Over for Britt

Wikipedia has an entire page devoted to the final play of Super Bowl XXXIV. That was game in which the high flying St. Louis Rams took on the tough, Jeff-Fisher-coached Tennessee Titans. The Titans were one score from tying the game. With the clock running to zero, Quarterback Steve McNair passed the ball to Kevin Dyson, Rams’ linebaker Mike Jones grabbed Dyson at the two yard line, and with an arm stretched to the goal line, Dyson’s knee came down. He was one yard short. His arm just couldn’t reach. And ever since that day, that moment, that play, the Titans have been ‘fishing’ for another shot at greatness.

This season was off to an excellent start. The Titans acquired an experienced Super Bowl quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck, then grabbed Jake Locker, a sensational college quarterback from the Washington Huskies as their backup. But quarterbacks are of little value if they have no one solid in their receiving corps. That’s where Kenny Britt came in. Drafted in 2009 as a first-rounder from Rutgers, Britt has been every bit the star receiver. Even this year, he was off to a remarkable start with 289 yards in three games. Unfortunately, the season appears to be over for Kenny Britt. And this will have an impact on what Hasselbeck can do in those long yardage situations.

On Sunday, Kenny’s knee buckled during a Denver tackle and doctors have concluded that he’ll need surgery as soon as possible. And not the kind of surgery that allows a player to get back on the field in two weeks. He tore his ACL and his MCL. For Britt, that means there is no more football this year. And just when the Titans were climbing the ranks in the hope of another great return to the Super Bowl, they’ll now have to try and make that run without Kenny Britt.

Tennessee Coach Mike Munchak was honest, but optimistic about the situation. “He [Britt] was off to a great start this year. As we all know, he’s a special player. He’s got a lot of work ahead of him. But he’s young. We know that he’ll be back next year.”

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