Elbow Hyperextension

Elbow Hyperextension Brace Sold By The Brace ShopElbow hyperextension occurs when the elbow is bent backwards beyond full extension or 180 degrees. This causes damage to ligaments and tendons that surround the elbow. There are a number of activities that will cause elbow hyperextension, including every day activity to full contact sports. The most common sports that will result in damaging the elbow and causing hyperextension are soccer, football, and hockey. A direct hit to the elbow can cause it extend beyond normal range this resulting in hyperextension.
There are a number of ways to determine if you are suffering from elbow hyperextension which includes: swelling, stiffness, pain, possible numbness, or spasms of the biceps. Immediately after incurring the injury you should apply a cold compress to the affected area and you can take an over the counter medication to reduce pain and swelling. A doctor’s consultation is always recommended if you are continuing to experience abnormal pain or if any of your symptoms have worsened, they might recommend surgery to repair the damaged tissue and ligaments in your elbow. There are also non-surgical treatments you can inquire about at your consultation such as physical therapy combined with the use of a specified elbow brace. An elbow brace can help to reduce stress to the affected area, and encourage healing by inhibiting movement.
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