Elbow Injury for LA Dodger’s Starting Pitcher

Chad Billingsley, the starting pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers, may have to miss the whole 2013 MLB season. Late last month Billingsley partially tore a ligament in his right elbow, which unfortunately is the same limb as his pitching hand. After receiving PRP therapy to repair the torn ligament, the Los Angeles Dodgers awaited word about the future of their starting pitcher. Billingsley had no idea if his elbow would put him out a whole season or a few months, but he continued to hold onto hope and 1 week after the treatment, Billingsley found out he was put on the 60-day disabled list.

Elbow injuries, or any other joint injury, can put a sports athlete on the bench for a long period of time. The worst thing you can do to any kind of injury is neglect it. An elbow injury may take a while to heal, so to ensure it heals correctly and prevent further damage an elbow brace is strongly recommended. A baseball pitcher’s pitching hand is their most important asset, but any injury should be cared for correctly and immediately.

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