The Ethics of Black Friday

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), founded in 1957, approximately 34% of Americans had planned to go out shopping on Black Friday, a percentage up three points from 2010. Of course, the other 66% of the country, a strong majority, are content with staying inside, shopping online, or ignoring the deals altogether. But for that population of deal-seekers, businesses are now facing some backlash over how urgently they push their deals without considering the potential for violence and un-American behaviors it might encourage.

A woman in Parkersburg, West Virginia reportedly fell and suffered an injury trying to make her way into a Wal-Mart at one of those obscene hours of the night or early morning. Across the country in northern California, a shopper was shot when he refused to give up his items to a robber in the parking lot. Apparently, thieves have learned to steal from people who just finishing getting a steal (like those 40-inch LCD televisions that run for $199 or less). And yes, there’s the now infamous story of a Los Angeles woman who pepper sprayed at least 20 people in an effort to overcome the crowd with her buying skills.

All of these incidents (and others) represent a social concern that arises from a culture where getting the best deal means beating everyone else to that deal at whatever cost. After all, who wants to wait in a line at midnight, get in the door at 4am, be one away from that last television and not fight for it? That’s the game that comes with shopping on Black Friday and companies are now being forced to ask themselves whether, ethically, they have a responsibility to protect the very consumers they market.

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