With All Eyes on Sandusky, Breneman Tears ACL

Over the past several months, Penn State Football and its readiness for the 2012 Season has been less of a conversation than the recent death of Coach Joe Paterno and the growing case against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky for 52 counts of sexual abuse. We can barely open up a newspaper without hearing the ups and downs of the trial. Earlier this week, Sandusky seemed to get a free ride when the defense avoided putting him on the stand. But by Thursday, his adopted son expressed a willingness to testify of his own abuse at the hands of his father. These issues and the victims who were hurt by such actions are no laughing matter. But there are many Penn State players, coaches, and fans who are eager to rebuild the reputation of their once adored program.

One such individual is Penn State senior, Adam Breneman. As a tight end recruit, he was the top prospect for 2013 and was seriously looking for a chance to make a name for himself on the roster. Then he tore his ACL this week and faced a different prospect entirely: that he wouldn’t be playing at all.

“We are very grateful for the outpouring of support over the past 24 hours with regards to Adam’s injury,” said his father. “An MRI this morning confirmed that Adam has a torn ACL in his right knee. While he is disappointed that he will be unable to play football his senior season, he is very optimistic about his future at Penn State and is totally committed to making a full recovery in time for the 2013 season. WE ARE!”

Looks like Penn State is still in for a rough year.

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