Another Fall at Rangers’ Ballpark

Officials are now baffled at the mystery behind a Rangers’ fan falling 21 feet down a stairwell last Saturday night. Apparently, friends and police confirm there was no foul play (forgive the baseball pun) and the game was still in session, which means that there was no pushing crowd in which a fan might have become tangled. Yet the fall still happened and no one seems to know why. This is third accident of its kind in two years. Could the stadium be cursed?

Rangers fan and firefighter Tyler Morris dropped from the upper deck when trying to catch a foul ball in 2010. Although he survived, he battled skull fractures as well as permanent damage to his foot and ankle. And two months ago, firefighter Shannon Stone landed on concrete after falling off a railing in an almost spooky parellel to Morris. Her injuries eventually turned fatal.

After Stone died, the Rangers introduced new safety measures and even worked to raise the rails about a foot higher; up to 42 inches. But the changes implemented were considered for potential falls inside the field area, not the stairwells on the outside. Clearly, that was an aspect of safety that was overlooked. No one is quite sure why these strange accidents continue happening to Rangers’ fans in Rangers ballpark, but for everyone’s sake, let’s hope they’re just a series of awful coincidences.

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