Fans Responsible for Their Own Injuries?

Last August, tragedy struck the Indiana State Fair when the lighting system at the front of a stage came unhinged after a gust of wind. Equipment came crashing down on fans in the front row, killing seven and injuring dozens more. Sugarland, a multiplatinum selling American country duo, was the headliner that night. And at the time, authorities called it a tragic accident caused when an unusually powerful burst of wind quite literally ripped the lighting system from its brace, wreaking havoc on the audience. If anyone was to blame, fans might have argued that it was the crew of Sugarland, who didn’t stabilize the equipment. But fans were gracious. Unfortunately, Sugarland attorneys came out this week saying that fans are to blame. That’s right… the fans.

An attorney was quoted as saying that the fans “failed to exercise due care for their own safety” before giving a strange and unexpected opinion that almost of their injuries “resulted from their own fault.” Fans were not amused. One man, who had previously gone to see Sugarland in concert almost ten times, was in the front row on that day, receiving a concussion and weeks of headaches to follow. His reaction to the Sugarland attorney was bordering on rage. “Through this whole process, I don’t feel like the band cares that much about fans.”

Sugarland released a statement declaring their allegiance to nine years of fans, but they are likely to face some serious backlash among concert-goers who quickly learn about the accident and its aftermath. One document in the courts has suggested that Sugarland was warned about impending danger, but chose to go on with the concert schedule, resisting delay. That hesitance, fans now say, may prove to be their undoing. After all, it’s the fans who make up the concerts and Sugarland may be at risking of seeing fewer seats filled when they move on to their next few shows.

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