Firefighter Injured During Philly Disruption

When the four alarms went off in North Philadelphia on Tuesday at about 2:30am, the warehouse blaze caught everyone’s attention, including some who had been sleeping in the surrounding neighborhoods. Even though the fire was declared ‘under control’ by 4:15, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) had to suspend service along the Market and Frankford route during the morning commute. A firefighter was rushed to Hahnemann University Hospital after sustaining a back injury from a fall in the 75 foot warehouse.

The decision by SEPTA to halt their trains was a result of speculation about what would happen to the building after the fire was contained. Should the building collapse, as some believed, it would fall directly onto the tracks and risk further danger and potential injuries to commuters. In order to protect residents from these risks, the Department of Licenses and Inspections arranged for an emergency demolition, leaving the grounds full of worn bricks and debris by the mid afternoon.

Inspectors are unclear as to how the fire started, but they are confident that their firefighter, who is currently unnamed, will be perfectly okay. His back injury did not appear to be life threatening or career compromising.

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