A Frozen Movie Review: To Fear or Not to Fear

In light of the recent accident up on Sugarloaf Ski Resort a couple of weeks ago, I decided to scroll through my Netflix Queue and pull up a film that had been on my list for several months.  The 2010 film, Frozen, was supposed to be about three friends who get stuck on a chairlift and struggle for survival.  Sounded like another Cast Away with Tom Hanks… lots of monologues and dead silence.   Boy, was I wrong.  Well, not necessarily about the ‘dead’ silence.

Our story begins with three friends – two best friends, Dan and Joe, and Dan’s girlfriend Parker – who schmooze their way onto a ski mountain even though only Dan has paid for his own lift ticket.  After a day of teaching Parker how to ski the bunny hills, Joe feels an urgent need to ski a more mature mountain and convinces the other two to go back up for a final run before the lift closes.  After a bit of coaxing, they manage to convince the lift operator to let them on (why not, right?) and there begins our incredibly realistic and suprisingly terrifying hour of horror.

Nothing in the film was out of the ordinary.  No aliens or monsters.  No serial killers or criminally insane.  Just the raw reality of trying to survive outside in the most impossible temperatures known to mankind and doing so from several stories above the ground with no logically safe way to get help.  If you enjoy scary films, then you will absolutely love Frozen.  At least three times I can remember my jaw dropping and my hand going to cover my mouth in shock.  But if I use this time to tell you what caused the shock, you may never watch. 

As they say, it’s just a movie.  People don’t get stuck on chairlifts for days at a time in the real world.  Go have fun this ski season and be careful.  It really is cold out there.

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