A Happy Thanksgiving from the Brace Shop

As we travel from place to place and family to family this memorable holiday, the Brace Shop wishes to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers and customers.

As always, be careful in your celebrations. Some of the most common injuries around this day can be cuts and burns that result from lacking a nearby fire extinguisher. Or, as they say, too many hands in the kitchen, not enough precautions.

Oh, and then there’s the eating. Those who might not eat as much any other time of the year suddenly inhale several pounds of food in one sitting. This leads to heartburn, which can be avoided with a few preparations.

Dr. Stephen Carney of the Olympia Medical Center in California says, “Moderation is the key to avoiding post-turkey heartburn.” If you’re at risk of such concerns, make sure you drink a glass of water or milk along with some kind of antacid. However much you may want to lie down after a big meal, you should probably avoid going vertical until several hours have passed. Keep your head elevated and avoid smoking.

While we could take a dive into the discussion of injuries related to Black Friday, now is the time for just being thankful. And there is plenty to be thankful about this year.

Enjoy your day!

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