The Hunter Replaces the Gore

Since 2005, one of the few bright spots on the San Francisco 49ers roster has been the presence of a stellar running back in Frank Gore. Every season, while the offense fails to make passing plays and the defense struggles to stop their opponents, Gore still finds a way to run another 100 yard game. His stats are off the chart and never ceases to amaze. But on Sunday afternoon, while battling the Cincinnati Bengals, Gore went down with an ankle injury. Early reports indicate that he may be out for some time and more urgently, he’ll miss this Sunday’s matchup with the struggling Philadelphia Eagles.

All fans of the game know that Gore is the kind of running back who plays hurt. In fact, when it came to last weekend’s match against the Bengals, Gore was already hurt when he pushed his team through to a victory in the second half. But now the time has temporarily come for a torch to be passed. The new running back? His name is Kendall Hunter and he was the only player on the Niners who scored a touchdown in the Bengals game. Let’s be careful, however, not to crown Hunter as the new Gore. After all, he only averages 2.7 yards per carry and has little history in the game as a primary back.

On Sunday, the Eagles will be desperate to maintain their self-titled dream team status. The Niners will be, well, just playing to play. No one knows quite yet just how competitive they can actually be down the stretch. What we do know is that without Gore, their chances go south.

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