The Importance Of Arch Supports

The Brace Shop Sells a Wide Variety of Arch Support For High Arches and Low ArchesArch Supports are important to utilize in just about every activity that you can be involved in. From dancing, to shopping, a good arch support is important to maintaining proper posture and reducing excessive stress in the back and associated regions.  There are three main types of arches, a flat arch, a medium arch, or a high arch. A flat arch can cause problems such as your foot turning too far inwards when you walk, and a high arch can cause the foot to roll too far outward. Your foot arch will mainly develop as your feet grow, but two of the main factors of determining your arch are genetics, and wearing poorly made shoes.

A doctor can properly diagnose which type of arch your feet have, but as an at home test you can step in water and then immediately make a foot print that you can see. If you can see your entire footprint you probably have a low arch, if you can barely see a connection between the front and back of your foot then you probably have a high arch.

Using an arch support will greatly improve your posture, and help to relieve pain and pressure you might have been experiencing throughout your body.

There are specific arch support that are constructed for your unique arch, and The Brace Shop provides you with the latest arch supports from some of the leading manufacturers in the world. Many devices are designed to absorb foot shock, while others are more rigid to stabilize the foot & ankle. To view our complete selection of foot braces please visit our online store! While there, you can view many other many other varieties of braces for common and uncommon ailments.

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