Indoor Biking: Watch Out for Poor Posture

This time of year, when the weather never seems quite right for a good outdoor run and the snow-filled streets make biking an impossible exercise, many turn to their nearby gyms and weight rooms to keep up their heart rate.  One such activity is indoor biking, usually in front of a television that plays ESPN or The View.  But Chinese doctors have recently noted an unexpected concern for indoor biking: injuries to the lower back.

When we hop on an actual bicycle, we tend to move around with our upper body and not crouch in a ‘stationary’ position.  On a stationary bike, however, our tendency is to lean over the handle and keep peddling.  This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the lower back, creating a need for frequent indoor bikers to visit a rehabilitation clinic with aching that they can’t identify.  Perhaps you may find the idea of a cycling class to be ridiculous, but believe it or not, one of the things that instructors focus on is ensuring their participants are maintaining a correct posture over the course of a near-60 minute workout.

If indoor biking is among the activities that you do on a regular basis and you’ve been feeling some unexpected lower back pain, you may want to consult with a doctor to see if a brace would be helpful during your exercise regiment.  The Brace Shop offers a great selection of belts and supports that may help relieve some of the stress hitting your lower back.  One example is the ProCare ComfortFORM Back Support, which aids the lumbar and abdominal regions of the body to promote proper spinal alignment.  Poor posture can ruin a great exercise routine.  Consider your back the next time you hop on one of those indoor bikes.

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